Community Conversation on LGBTQ+ Access to Care

On Tuesday, May 25, Bebashi – Transition to Hope hosted its third virtual panel event, “A Community Conversation on LGBTQ+ Access to Care.”

The event was moderated by Lee Carson, Director, Philadelphia Area Sexual Health Initiative, and included as panelists Chris Landtroop, Board Member, Bebashi – Transition to Hope; Chris Bartlett, Executive Director, William Way LGBT Community Center; Jacen Bowman, celebrity makeup artist and Vice President, Philadelphia Black Gay Pride; and Evan Thornburg, Health Equity Special Advisor, Aids Activities Coordinating Office (AACO). which discussed the barriers to healthcare access that affect the LGBTQ+ community.

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End blood donation restrictions for gay men

When national tragedy strikes, gay and bisexual men are denied the right to help our community due to outdated restrictions on blood donations that prevent us from participating in this vital community service.

William Way and COVID-19

“William Way has made itself more known as a connector of people and the leadership calls were essential in doing so.” The William Way Center has continued to provide access to programs and events even in times of uncertainty.

Smoking in the LGBT Community

The tobacco industry has a long history of targeting Black and LGBTQ+ communities with advertising initiatives like Project SCUM, specifically promoting menthol cigarettes within these communities, giving financial contributions to Black groups and political leaders, and sponsoring LGBTQ+ events like Pride celebrations throughout the country.


COVID-19 Community Vaccination Sites

Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers is providing free Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines at the following locations in partnership with Sunray Drugs.     MONDAYS: The Simple Way

REAL Community: Dr. Rob Winn, Medical Director, Mazzoni Center

Since June 2007, the Get REAL Project has been telling the stories of young gay, bisexual and transgender men in Philly. While continuing that mission, what follows is one in an occasional series of interviews with respected leaders in the LGBT community. Dr. Winn is a physician at Jefferson University and at Mazzoni Center and offered his perspective on some issues that affect our health.