Figo, the new restaurant in Northern Liberties, is a smash hit

Although retired since 2014, I still relish opportunities to teach, write, and share opinions.

For many Philadelphians, Northern Liberties may as well be The Yukon. If you share this belief, you will miss extraordinary experiences.

For example, Figo, a new Italian restaurant, is at 1033 N 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123. A brilliant new place it is, too. Just off Girard and North 2ndFigo is part of a dynamic neighborhood anchored by the Piazza Apartment complex, which surrounds it. The people here are a young, upscale, diverse crowd who enjoy the amenities of this enclave where the average rent is $2,000/month. If you ask someone where Figo might be, you will be told, oh, that nice place over there, with all the flames! The flames are a number of outdoor braziers which provide panache to the already impressive décor.

Figo enjoys spacious outdoor dining and bar areas as well as lovely indoor accommodations. In one area, you can watch the busy kitchen as the dishes are made before your eyes.

Sitting at your table, you won’t see a menu. Instead, a Q Code is displayed in a frame for you to access. If you’re a Luddite, and have no Q Code Reader (Sacre Bleu!), a menu can be found. Our delightful server brought out a bottle of San Pellegrino and a gin and tonic. We decided to have a few items form the menu, which was divided under headings such as Antipasti, Primo, Secondi, Dolci, and most charmingly, Bambino, for the kids’ menu. There are also copious listings of pizzas, all 16 inches at $18.00. Draft Beers are plentiful and extraordinary. Under Libations, you will find signature cocktails, craft sodas and special coffees.

Octopus Antipasti ($18.00) arrived looking lovely. Charred octopus was bathed in anchovy oil, lemon, and giardiniera. Never will you taste a more delicate, flavorsome creation. If Queen Dido had served this to Aeneas, he never would have left her arms to sail to found Rome. A true masterpiece. Spaghetti alla Chitarra ($18.00) was a Primo course bedecked with trumpet, cremini, and button mushrooms robed in white wine, garlic, shallots, arugula and parmesan. Grilled Branzino ($25.00) was ecstasy on a platter. Banish all fears of wrangling bones from the filet. The chef expertly divided the fish, removing each and every bone. Indeed, the charred outer skin and the creamy flesh were intoxicating.

Last, but sinfully extravagant, was the tiramisu ($8.00). A heroic building of deliciousness loomed upon a shallow bowl dusted with cocoa. Sublime.

Shall you go to Figo? How can you ask? Absolutely yes!

1033 N 2nd Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19123, 

Hours, for Dining Room:
   Tuesday – Sunday 5pm-10pm.
Figo pizza:
   Tuesday – Sunday 12pm-10pm.
Phone: 267-214-0086.

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