Tinsel Christmas Pop-up Bar

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Not feeling festive? Then walk up a bit north from Walnut Street. You’ll see holiday lights broadly swagging the street. This is Tinsel: A Christmas Bar, located at 116 South 12th Street, Philadelphia. 
From the street, you may wonder what goes on inside this astonishing, over-the-top wonderland. Go inside, and you’ll see even more: fake snow, more lights than are to be found on Broadway, Christmas trees hanging from the ceiling, and endless holiday decor. Towards the back of the bar, hundreds of ornaments grow from the ceiling. There is a niche where a Christmas throne provides an excellent selfie stage. Important tip: the door with the gingerbread man decoration indicates the unisex restroom.

The extravagant drink menu resembles a fevered dream.

The lengthy cocktail menu consists of nine labor-intensive cocktails. At the top of the list is Canned Goods at $15. A portion of the price goes to feed furloughed restaurant workers in the region. This cocktail has Cruzan spiced rum, cranberry juice, red bull, and cinnamon syrup in a Campbell’s soup mug. The Stocking Shot, $12, contains Makers Mark, creme de cacao, and whipped cream served in a Makers Mark Stocking souvenir mug. The North Pole Snow Globe, $20, has Ketel One vodka, white cranberry juice, and tapioca served in a keepsake snow globe. The other offerings are just as intriguing and amazing.
Food is available for sidewalk sit-downs from Sueno restaurant next door. Everything is said to be available as take-away. 
For an unforgettable holiday sensory overload, you can’t go wrong visiting Tinsel.

116 S 12th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 909-9406

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