Philadelphia Burlesque Battle Royale Season 9 at Tabu

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

After a 2-year hiatus, Philadelphia’s premiere burlesque producers HoneyTree EvilEye, Jaeda, Connor Michalchuk and Flirt Vonnegut are bringing back the riotously popular boot camp/ graduate school in burlesque Philadelphia Burlesque Battle Royale.It’s like Project Runway, but for the art of striptease.


All the students will gain mentorship, performance opportunities and education, but one contestant will be crowned winner for the season and receive a fabulous prize package including a budgeted showcase of their own at Tabu and a paid trip to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in Las Vegas.


Each week the students will create a new act based on a challenge: nerdlesque, classic burlesque, or making a costume out of anything but clothes. The audience will enjoy the live burlesque and drag performances by the burgeoning artists, who will also receive feedback from the producers and their guest judges.


For our students, this is a great chance to invest in their burlesque careers. For the audience, this is the kind of scandalously wholesome content we need in our lives,” says lead instructor HoneyTree EvilEye, who, along with award-winning emcee Flirt Vonnegut and CaBEARet producer Connor Michalchuk, have run the PBBR franchise since its 5th season.


HoneyTree EvilEye adds, “It’s got the kindness and joy of Great British Baking Show, but there are lots of cute butts!”


Joining the production team this year is Dark Side Burlesque’s Jaeda. “As a producer, I’ve always enjoyed attending PBBR so I could scout the new crop of performers,” says the professional bellydance-turned-burlesque performer. “The current format of PBBR is the type of intro show that I wish existed when I started in burlesque. I love that the cast will have a chance to learn in a supportive environment and to grow relationships with us and each other.”Scope out the new talent in the Philadelphia burlesque scene, find favorites to root for, and enjoy a truly entertaining slate each week. Look forward to guest judging by renowned burlesque icons like Lelu Lenore, Sophie Sucre, Ginger Leigh, Anja Keister, as well as pole dance superstar Carmine Black, who will be joining for a special online event on March 16th.

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