Monty Python’s Spamalot at Town and Country Players

Rehearsal photo of Spamalot
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Town and Country Players is now presenting Monty Python’s Spamalot until May 6. Monty Python’s Spamalot has Book and Lyrics by Eric Idle, and Music by John Du Prez and Eric Idle. 
Based upon the motion picture, this musical, according to Wikipedia,
Played its final (Broadway) performance on January 11, 2009, with 35 previews and 1,575 performances; it was seen by more than two million people and grossed over $175 million, recouping its initial production costs in under six months.
TheTown and Country Players are located in Buckingham, Pa, not far from the gay metropolis Doylestown, in Bucks County.  This is the theatre’s 76th season, and this musical is an especially ambitious project with many characters, calling upon its cast members to do double and triple duty with roles, and an amazing number of quick costume changes. Those costume changes went so smoothly due to the cooperation and skill of the actors, as well as Costume Designer Anne Hauck, and her Assistant Suzanne Ardite. 
Of the eighteen listed actors, a few outshone the uniform excellence of the ensemble. Matthew Moore was Sir Lancelot, the French Taunter, Knight of Ni, and Tim the Enchanter. This guy was busy! Mr. Moore often brought the full house to peals of laughter, especially with his outrageous French Taunter. Kevin Palardy was Patsy, the Mayor, and Guard no. 2. As Patsy, King Arthur’s horse, coconut striker, and all-around pack mule, he was hilarious. He shone in “I’m All Alone”, as he silently responded to King Arthur totally disregarding his presence repeatedly. Lee Damon was a silly widget King Arthur. Alyssa Moore exhibited the many guises of The Lady of the Lake.  Another excellent and resourceful fellow was Paul Pride who was Dennis, Sir Galahad (in fetching Nancy Sinatra wig), Prince Herbert’s Father, and the Black Knight. Heidi New was Music Director. Mention must be made of the gay fantasia where Thomas Davidson’s fey Prince Herbert awakens the sparkling disco queen in Matthew Moore’s Sir Lancelot. 
Do see this Monty Python’s Spamalot, a  busy theatrical experience with a soupcon of mayhem and general fun.
Matthew Schultheis, President of the company, made it known in a letter in the program that thanks to volunteers and donations, permanent environmentally sound permeable pavers were installed throughout the grassy parking areas. Thankfully, they next plan an ADA approved mobility-friendly ramp to replace the frightening one now only suited for Bette Davis mayhem ( ).
This theatre has one of the best men’s rooms of any theatre: modern, clean, spacious, mobility-accessible, and wonderful.
Please note: if you happen to find yourself in row EE, duck whenever (meaning often) a group of galloping actors runs behind you onto the stage. You will get clipped repeatedly if you don’t duck forward in your seat.
Monty Python’a Spamalot is now playing until May 6 at Town and Country Players, 4158 York Road, Buckingham, PA. For tickets and information, call 800-838-3006, or visit .

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