Beetlejuice is a knockout musical success at the Academy of Music

Although retired since 2014, I still relish opportunities to teach, write, and share opinions.
The Broadway hit musical Beetlejuice has arrived at Philadelphia’s Academy of Music, staying only until June 11, and it is phenomenal in every respect. 
Visually stunning, Beetlejuice has an embarrassment of creative talents who have Tony Awards galore among them. Spectacular visual effects, great costumes, insane lighting effects, superlatively creative sets, excitingly delivered music, and the puppets! It’s all top-notch and then it’s all joined together by fantastic singing actors who give it their all. If you haven’t heard the buzz, and you’re totally innocent of what Beetlejuice is, well where have you been hiding? It is based upon the hit motion picture from a while back, and this iteration isn’t in second place to the film. Justin Collette in the title role is a force of nature, in that he sings, dances, and cracks jokes with indefatigable zest, joy, and humor. What a man! What a ghost! 
The plot revolved about newlyweds Barbara (Britney Coleman), and Adam (sizzling hot and sexy Will Burton who happens to be Beetlejuice’s occasional sex toy). They die, and a dysfunctional family moves in, and that’s the basis for an evening of thrills, chills, spills, and a giant sand worm.
Beetlejuice is part of the Broadway Series presented at various theaters on the Kimmel Cultural Campus. For information about this and many other musicals coming soon, visit .

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