Two Times the Fun: Queer Theatre Takes Center Stage at Fergie’s Pub with Inis Nua

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Bring out the bunting, dust off your party hats, and don’t forget the confetti, because Fergie’s Pub and Inis Nua Theatre are about to deck out your autumn nights with twice the laughter, twice the drama, and twice the power of riveting queer narratives!

Ready to transport you over the Atlantic and sit you right at a cozy pub in Edinburgh, Pop Up Play in a Pub is back and bigger than ever! For the price of your ticket, you get to feast on a handmade British pie and a refreshingly cold pint while theatre gets up close and very personal. Imagine watching a play as you munch on a meat pie and take sips of your favorite ale!

We’re not just talking about one show, folks. This fall, Inis Nua is gifting us with two theatrical extravaganzas – the reappearance of the sell-out play ‘10 Dates with Mad Mary‘, and the debut of ‘Madam Ovary‘ in the US. Queer themes, powerful women, and a rollercoaster of feelings are the order of the season!

First on the plate is ’10 Dates with Mary’, a fiery comedy by the Irish-Pakistani gem, Yasmine Akram. Taking centre stage is Anna Faye Lieberman in the role of Mary, a belligerent young woman stuck in the world of singlehood and desperate to find a date for her best friend’s wedding. Who says weddings aren’t battlegrounds? And when you put a queer protagonist right in the middle, you know you’re in for some roller-coaster action!

Next, there’s ‘Madam Ovary’, where things might start with New Year’s Eve revelry but soon collide with reality. Crafted by the brilliant English playwright Rosa Hesmondhalgh, the story heads off the beaten track after Rosa is diagnosed with cancer. There’s survival, bloody perseverance, and unexpected humor in the mix – all shaped by the stellar direction of Philly’s fav Charlotte Northeast.

Inis Nua’s fantastic tradition has burgeoned into a much-anticipated event, boasting its largest season this year with the maximum number of dates ever! If you thought theatre couldn’t get any queerer, any funnier, or any more intimate, these riveting plays are here to prove you wrong. Fergie’s Pub will come alive with monologues that will have you falling off your barstools in laughter and poignant moments that will touch your heart. So come on over and partake in this fantastic blend of food, drink, and theatre.

So y’all guess what’s with the Cost of a ticket? It’s not just the reassuring door to an unforgettable night. It’ll buy you a British-style pie and a pint to savor throughout the show. Now, if that’s not making the theater more accessible to you, we don’t know what will!

Are you ready for a night of non-stop laughter and heartfelt emotion? Well, then book your tickets right away! Call (215) 454-9776 or visit to secure your place. Trust us when we say, this is a queer theatre experience you’d hate to miss! Get on board as Fergie’s Pub and Inis Nua Theatre take you on a wild, queer journey amid British pies and cold pints!

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