The Rocky Horror Show returns to the Bucks County Playhouse

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The Rocky Horror Show returns in a splendid new production to Bucks County Playhouse in bucolic New Hope, PA, until October 28, 2023. 
All of your favorite characters return for you who have experienced the musical before. And for those few of you who are virgins to the transvestite, transexual, aliens from another planet experience, come and get experienced. The cast at the Playhouse can’t be missed.
There may have never been a more luminous opening number by Magenta, thrillingly devoured by the tall, statuesque Amazon queen Alyssa Wray. Her “Science Fiction Double Feature” will knock your socks off. The nondescript fans blowing her costume were priceless. But hold on and keep your clothes on, because Brad and Janet will soon lose theirs. Jason Forbach as Brad Majors and Kristen Martin as Janet Weiss beautifully embody all the boring cliches of gender identity, even as they cavort about in their lingerie. For now. Tim Shea is an outstandingly creepy Riff Raff. He shrieks and squeaks with abandon. Benjamin Howes is a pompous prig of a Narrator, not very arch, but oh, so very prissy. But he lets go when he assumes the role of Dr. Scott. His fishnet stockings are to die for. Stanley Martin does indeed die as Eddie, chopped to pieces which prove to be invaluable props for the action. Mr. Martin informs us in his biography that among his many accolades is a prize won as Best Actress. Speaking of prizes, Mike Bindeman’s Rocky is an eyeful. He, and many cast members luxuriate in his young, physical splendor, and so do the hungry, eager minds and loins of audience members young and old. Mr. Bindeman’s Rocky leaps, prances, dances, and charms our pants off. Figuratively, not literally (sigh). Larkin Reilly is a sweet, innocent alien Columbia, who loves not wisely, but too well. Of course, the best and most fabulous entrances, the most awe-inspiring costumes, and the highest stilettos go to Frankie Grande as Dr. Frank N. Furter, the Master Scientist, pansexual, transexual, transvestite from another galaxy. Many may think Mr. Grande isn’t acting, but just being fabulous. We hope not, because the poor thing would be exhausted carrying on like he does 24/7. And carrying on he does. The shadow seductions of Brad and Janet have never been more graphic, or more delightful. Intimacy Consultant (yes, they have one!) Caitlyn Herzlinger kept the fisting, analingus, and cunnilingus tasteful. Delightful are the sensuous costumes by Costume Designer Nicole V. Moody. Frankie Grande as Dr. Frank was grand indeed. He vied with costume legend Cher in his multiple fetish lingerie statements. 
The live trio was lively indeed, the rest of the Creative Team was superbly creative, and everyone, everywhere was beautiful for a time. But, as we all know, beauty is fleeting, and icy, harsh reality drowns out fragile beauty. And no beauty is more fragile than The Rocky Horror Show. That said, put on your cha-cha heels and prance down to New Hope and make it your Playhouse before October 28.
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Next at the Playhouse is Irving Berlin’s White Christmas (the Musical) November 17-December 31.
also, The Vienna Boys’ Choir, December 14.

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