Get Ready for a Queer Comedy Ride with “Down Low”!

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Well, honey, grab your poppers and prepare for a joyride because “Down Low” is serving up outrageous laughs, cringe-inducing moments and unabashedly queer narrative to keep you giggling even after the final credits roll.

Playing akin to a wild cross-dressing child of “The Hangover” and “Pretty Woman” (but, darling, think less Hugh Grant and more, uhm… Twink Grant?), “Down Low” spins a tale of one wild, raunchy night. Quinto graces our screens as Gary, a newly out, filthy rich man craving his Cinderella moment in the gay dating world.

From the get-go, this comedy comes served steaming hot and lathered in pop culture references. Director Rightor Doyle knew exactly what we wanted, injecting sass and giving us queer comedy just as shameless and bold as we like it.

However, before you set your expectations, “Down Low” isn’t exactly subtle – but then again, what in the gay world ever is? But what it lacks in finesse, it makes up for in feistiness. The film isn’t just raucous, it’s also rebelliously unapologetic.

Remember Lukas Gage, that hunky green salad-eating lad from “The White Lotus”? Well, he has graduated and is now leading us on an outrageous rollercoaster ride in “Down Low” as Cameron, a sex-positive twink who makes it his mission to defrost Gary’s icy gay inexperience.

Despite some may see as Doyle’s flirtation with borderline offensiveness, Gage’s performance hits the sweet spot, achieving the balance between cheeky and endearing, all while maintaining a wink-wink, nudge-nudge vibe that we gay men know all so well. And, darling, it takes a certain amount of chutzpah to introduce your audience to gay Duolingo!

From sex apps to secret trysts and a very dramatic body disposal, “Down Low” packs a punch and manages to lace this rather hectic narrative with tender moments and genuine heart. There are mistakes, there’s ‘meth’-is-mayhem humour, but there’s also a whole lot of healing and discovery in Gary’s journey to embrace his truth.

Ironically, a film codenamed “Down Low,” is far from subtle about its intentions. It practically screams at you, “This ain’t your grandma’s queer film, honey!” And honestly, we couldn’t be more excited about it. The world of pure, unrefined queer comedy fiction has been missing on screen for way too long, and “Down Low” fills that void with all the pizzazz and charm one could ask for.

Pair it with a couple of margaritas and your best gays for a hilarious night in. Just don’t blame us when your laughter wakes up the neighbours!

So, I say, “Down Low” might not be high art, but it sure knows how to party. It’s a wild, chaotic ride that escorts you through the yesteryears of queer cinema while leaving a trail of glitter and sass in its wake.

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