The Lehman Trilogy: A Vast Sprawling Saga Now at The Arden

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The Lehman Trilogy by Stefano Massini, Adapted by Ben Power, Is now at the Arden Theatre Company until April 14. 
Stefano Massini is an Italian playwright, educator, author, and director who wrote The Lehman Trilogy in 2013 in Italian. It later became a book in 2016, and an English language stage play for the National Theater in 2018. The Lehman Trilogy appeared on Broadway in 2021, winning five Tony Awards in 2022. 
This production at the Arden is co-conceived by Jorge Cousineau and Terrence J. Nolen, Directed by Terrence J. Nolen, with Associate Director Jonathan Silver. 
The Lehman Trilogy tells the story of three Jewish brothers from Bavaria who come to the United States in the mid-nineteenth century, setting up shop as cotton merchants to Southern plantation owners, then cotton brokers. The Civil War breaks out, and then they become bankers, and finally financiers. Their business grew until the Crash of 1929, then, again, miraculously, thrived until their bankruptcy in the Crash of 2008.
The three actors who play the three brothers, their children, their wives, and others do a spectacular job over the three-hour running time of the play. All three actors are well-known and celebrated Philadelphia actors. Akeem Davis is Mayer Lehman, Charlie Delmarcelle is Emanuel Lehman, and Scott Greer is Henry Lehman. 
All three actors are splendid. The three alternate actors are Adam Howard, Gabe Moses, and Kevin Naddeo. 
If you’ve eagerly awaited seeing The Lehman Trilogy since it was announced this summer, now is your chance to see it. Due to popular demand the run has been extended a week past its original date to April 14, so be sure to secure your seats.
Here are a few suggestions to avoid some pitfalls that may befall you at the Arden. You may request handicapped seats, so be advised that my handicapped seats were in row 14, 30 steps above the stage, at the top of the theater. No other seats were available I was told the day of the performance, so be sure to double check your seat locations beforehand. Be forewarned also that latecomers will be trouncing up the rear staircase at row 14, feet away from you, having dozens of latecomers mill about and breaking your concentration for at least the first 30 minutes of the play. 
The Lehman Trilogy is at the F. Otto Haas Stage at the Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia until April 14. 
Next on stage will be the musical Once on this Island, from May 16 to June 16. 

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