Seeking – Episode 1

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Honey, grab your cocktails and your confetti, because we’re about to spill the tea on the fabulously fresh pilot of “Seeking“! Whipped up by the ever so talented and former Philly diva, Alex Ringler – a sparkling gem from UArts – this series is serving us drama, comedy, and all the feels we live for!

Now, let me give you the skinny on the debut darling. The opening act is nothing short of fierce, introducing us to the dynamic duo, Patrick (DeMarius Copes)  and Rez (Darius Rose akaJackie Cox) . These besties are ready to turn the party at their local gay bar, honey, and trust, they know how to keep it fun with their killer one-liners and a bromance that’s thicker than a snicker. Meanwhile, on the flip side of the coin, we’ve got Colt (Alex Ringler) and Lauren (Lauren Renahan) stirring up a storm in their love-hate paradise. Drama alert!

And get this, our boy Alex Ringler isn’t just the brains behind the operation; he’s also hitting the screen. And, gag – he’s playing it straight! Yes, honey, an openly gay man giving us the straight tea, and he does it with a flavor only a real queen could bring. Each character pops off the screen with a realness that says, ‘Yes, I’m here and I’m fabulous’ – all thanks to Alex’s snappy writing and deep dish on character vibes.

The show isn’t just fluff and puff either; it’s got layers, darling. It tackles the real gig – economic hustle, social pretenses, and all the messy bits of modern life. It’s all about finding love, happiness, and staying true in this cray-cray world.

“Seeking” is the new must-watch, babes. It’s clever, it’s heartfelt, and it’s realer than my eyelashes (and believe me, they’re real good). So, tune in, live out loud, and let “Seeking” take you on a journey of laughs, loves, and life lessons. You won’t want to miss this kiki!

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