Dude Looks like a Lady?

Timaree answers: “So what’s the deal with Caster Semenya, the runner who is undergoing gender tests? Why would it possibly take so long to establish if she’s actually a she? Can’t a quick look up the skirt settle this?”

Bowling Together

Do you recall those golden years when the gay community was all one big happy family, united in pride and support for one another? Neither do I.

Those Last 10 Pounds…UGH

People come up to me all the time and say, “I work out every day for at LEAST and hour or more. I feel like I do cardio and weights for hours on end, why isn’t this weight coming off.” Find out my answers!

Bumped up a Notch

If you are like me and adore summer you might need things to look forward to after Labor Day comes to pass. John Caputo, Mr. Gay Philadelphia 2008 and two business partners are already promising us something that will “bump up” the fun this fall. They have taken over Bump at 13th & Locust and plan to revitalize it for all of Philly’s cocktail sippers.

Dorian, Age 22 – Wanted: Real Friendship, Non-sexual

Looking for someone I can talk to on the phone about random things…just how our day was… Someone that I can walk down South Street with, go shopping, go out to eat, not be sexual with each other and both be satisfied…

Get Naked: 10 tips to achieve your best body ever, unclothed

The following tips will help you take your body a step closer in the right direction to making it look better. Whether you are getting ready for summer, want to stay in shape year round, or want to shape your body up for a special event (think Boys of Summer 2009!)… the following information should be a staple in your healthy lifestyle.

2009 Outgames Profile of Ray Boyd

The 2009 World Outgames just wrapped up in Copenhagen. Among the international bevy of athletes flocking to the Danish capital was Ray Boyd, a Philadelphia rower (as well as an accomplished swimmer, runner, cyclist, triathlete, surfer) and Fins Aquatics teammate of mine.

Love Potion #9 – does it work?

What’s the reality in the search for aphrodisiacs? Are there really substances that can rev up a dead or dying engine? Has the search stopped since science discovered Viagra and Cialis?

Schoolboy Crush Twinks, twinks, and more twinks!

Part of TLA Releasing’s Guilty Pleasures, Schoolboy Crush is a visually pleasing look into a Japanese all-boys’ school. After a messy break-up, Aoi hires a young prostitute, Sora, to “comfort” him. Soon, the biology teacher finds Sora in his classes at the all-male prep school.

Don’t be a Douche!

You’ve got to help me settle a question: a super gross question. When is it necessary for a woman to douche? I’ve heard it’s not something to do on the regular, but I’ve done it a few times when I felt the so-called ‘less than fresh’ feeling. My girlfriend was saying that they wouldn’t be available in stores if they weren’t being commonly used. So what’s the deal?