Involvement and Our Issues

I think the current Democratic Party presidential race is proving that our democratic process does work. It is working wonderfully. Voters have been given opportunities to give their voice and to make decisions. The real key is that multiple points of view are being heard. Isn’t is a goal of a democracy to give a voice to as many people as possible? Shouldn’t we be embracing this thrilling, albeit complicated, process?

What do you have in your closet for Spring 2008?

Well if you’re anything like me, you probably have an array of clothes you don’t even recognize, even though you just looked at them last year. Are you unsure of what colors you should wear and what’s still “in” and what’s not? Needless to say, below are a few tips to help you coordinate your wardrobe for Spring 2008!

The Shondes and Steph Hayes

Cheeks Studio in Upper Darby, PA was set up quainter than a boutique gay bed and breakfast on a Sunday morning for Steph Hayes’ live recording of her CD “Mostly True Stories.”

Hillary Clinton’s LGBT Record

With the April 22nd Primaries quickly approaching, Pennsylvania is buzzing. While I’ll be featuring columns on Hillary Clinton leading up to the primaries, regardless of who becomes our president, I am ecstatic that the apathy shrouding this country for the last two terms is lifting and people are engaged in politics again. People care again. People are passionate again.

T-bar 3rd Wednesday Open Mic Night

The place is out of this world. It is positioned perfectly on the corner of 12th and Sansom St. Its large glass windows wrap around the room looking out onto both Sansom and 12th giving a perfect perch for people watching from any corner of the room.

Jerome, 28

I told him I couldn’t do it that night – I was just too drunk and too sick – but he wasn’t stopping…I was trying to fight him off, but he was a strong guy and I was too weak.

20 Questions with Steph Hayes

I can’t remember the first time I saw Steph Hayes perform. As a matter of fact, I’ve sadly heard more swooning lesbians talk about her than I’ve seen her live.

DJ Manny Lehman in Philly

Manny Lehman is the central part of many gay community members’ dance memories. He’s spun everywhere from Montreal to Miami; New York to LA. He’s headlined almost every circuit party on the planet. Matthew Ray of HX Philadelphia chatted with Manny from his dreary office in the cold Gayborhood while Manny lounged in his cabin on an Atlantis cruise. Lucky bastard!

Aiden, 29

What gets to me is gay men talking about trans folks like they’re not “real” men, or “real” women… I’m just like them. I’m not in-between or unfinished or confused…I’m just me.


As I look at the stamp mark on my hand from the door guy at North Star Bar I hope it never comes off. I want it as a reminder. If you were wondering to yourself last night, March 4, 2008, “Where are all the sexy bitches?” I can tell you Gay Philly they were at the MEN show.

Interview with designer Pietra

Pietra is a gifted woman with many talents that range from designing clothes and home decor to make-up artistry and even photography. She holds a degree from Drexel University in Photography and is currently in graduate school for Creative Writing. For over five years Pietra has provided us with stylish, colorful, and mood changing designs at prices that will even make my wallet happy.

Toby, Age 21

My dad was kinda your typical hard-ass conservative father. It’s all about family, getting married, having kids…about being a man. I guess that’s what he meant when he made fun of the gay guys he worked with—they weren’t real men.