Oscar On the Square

This past Oscar Sunday, Rittenhouse Square played host to The Red Carpet Oscar Party, decidedly not a mere walk through the park! The event was the brainchild of Desiree Hines and Mark Dahl, both of Traverse Arts Project, and both fixtures of everything fun and theatrical in Philly.

Gay Marriage: Time to Separate Church and State

Like just about everyone else visiting this site, I believe gay and lesbian couples should enjoy the same rights, privileges, and protections straight couples get when they marry. But…


Will losing 110 pounds gain you a boyfriend?

I have a weird question and I don’t know if anyone can really answer it. After years of being heavy… no, really, I was fat…I’ve turned my life around and gotten in shape. A nutritionist, 5 times a week at the gym and a lot of sweat later, I’ve lost 110 pounds. I’m now lean and living an entirely new life… and finding myself unprepared for the attention I get from men. Even though I’m 29 I’ve never really dated and I don’t know how to respond to flirting. It’s also hard not to resent these guys too because I know that 110 pounds ago they wouldn’t have given me the time of day. How do I make up for all those years of not being in the dating pool with everyone else?

Don’t be a Cock Block!

I was out with some of my boys the other night and I see a hottie I really want to talk to. I make my way over, start chatting him up and then my friend comes over and cock blocks me. He starts talking to the hottie about some guy I used to date to make it sound like I have a boyfriend and then starts hitting on my hottie. It’s one thing if he’s trying to compete with me over the same boy but he doesn’t even end up asking for his number anyway. It’s like he just wants to stop me from getting it. If I mention something about this to him he acts like it’s my problem and I need to step up my game. What’s his deal?

Thursday Night at Sisters

A month into my very scientific investigatory Thursday Night probe, what have I learned? – That people who go out on Thursday Night are generally in a jovial mood and want to have a good time. Insightful? No. But quite true! Anyhow, this time around I’ve headed to our city’s popular lesbian club, Sisters.

What’s On My Plate: Teri’s

Catherine and her girlfriend opened Teri’s last fall as a tribute to her mother Teri, who bought a former hosiery shop in the Italian Market’s then – dying lower reaches in 1994 with the dream of opening a new restaurant there.

Latin Night at Woody’s

“I love to bailar” is my Latina spitfire sister’s go-to party mantra. And she would feel right at home at Woody’s Latin Night, not just because she’d be partying with her big hermano, but because this weekly Thursday extravaganza boasts one of the loudest, sweatiest, and hip-swaying-est dance parties around.

The Fins Swimteam’s Annual Fund Raiser

“The event blends three main aspects of the Fins: swimming, social, and community service.” True dat. I joined the team just a year ago, and it was instant love. I can now run around a speedo in the middle of winter without blasting my heat up or freaking out my cats.

Carl, age 29

Being positive taught me to just let it all go and become who I really am. I had to accept myself before anyone else would. Now I’m in a pretty good place.

Going Down Dilemma

I’m a bisexual woman and I’ve been with my girlfriend for three months. I love her and everything, problem is I don’t love going down on her. She thinks it’s emotional distance, but I really don’t like the way she tastes. She has great hygiene, so that isn’t the problem. How do I tell her without her getting offended?