Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Wrap Up

In writing a final review of the entire Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, I kept thinking to kick it off I’d start with… “I’m too sexy for this film festival.” But would anyone get it?

Bring Safer-Sexy Back!

One of the challenges facing public health is making HIV prevention relevant to gay men today. As public attention and resources have shifted to other populations, communities of gay men that had been touted as early successes in the war on HIV, have begu


A spicy interview with the founder and CEO of the upcoming line, Heterophobiq, Carmen N. Williams.

Basics of Training

Spring is slowly, so slowly coming up on us. I am excited about warmer weather and am already loving the longer days! It is nice to finish my day at the gym and still have sunlight to run my puppy.

Do It Anywhere, Anytime, But Do It!

Maintaining or beginning your exercise program during the holiday season is always a challenge. Here are some great tips to get started!

Tight butt for the Holidays!

Some of us will spend a few too many hours on a plane, train, or automobile traveling for the holidays starting with Thanksgiving. Use that time to exercise that butt!