Local Gay Men’s Chorus Brings Holiday Delights

This time of year there is the usual array of brand new CDs and MP3’s of holiday songs of various styles that are released to the public. But there is one Christmas CD that should be interest to the gay community in Philly–the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chor

First Person Slams

If you’re not familiar with First Person Arts, they are a non profit group that helps foster real life stories into various genres for presentation. They regularly hold First Person Slams, in which individuals tell a 5 minute story.

If you’re going to do it, do it right!

For those who don’t know – now you do, I am a Libra and unfortunately for you we are very observant. I’m sick and tired of folks making fashion additions or omissions without following ALL the necessary protocols of that change. Chile, if you’re going to

Philly Roller Girls

Philly Roller Girls derby championship event, The Warrior Cup, was a little slice of heaven, wrapped in generous dollops of brute force, bounteous proportions of finesses and grace and a shitload of a great-ass time. It has something for everyone. You c


My gay family keeps it real for me.

Welcome Get Real

Get REAL Philly is a community-based project coordinated by Philadelphia Health Management Corporation and Mazzoni Center.

Fashion Tell-Tales

I don’t know about you, but my Gay-Dar evaluation is usually way off or, in most cases, simply dead wrong, especially among women! Here are some tips!