1315 Walnut St, Suite 320 Philadelphia, PA 19107
POC | Social | Trans
LGBT Clientele | LGBT Mission | POC Owned / Operated

Qunify is a social community opening additional spaces and opportunities for LGBTQ+ people. We embrace and support all LGBTQ+ people by fostering personal connection, group community, and city partnership.

Qunify grew out of a group of friends looking to bridge our communities and allow them to grow and strengthen together. We focus on making queer-adjacent spaces truly ours with our collective presence.

We intentionally host events in partnership with various communities to create spaces representative of the people who live there. Qunify strives to ensure the spaces we hold are accessible, colorful, safe, and comfortable. We value and want to center various members of our community, especially trans, nonbinary, femme, and POC folk.

In recognizing that many events for LGBTQ+ people are alcohol-centered, Qunify purposefully hosts events that attempt to de-center alcohol. We believe it to be important that all LGBTQ+ people could find our community welcoming and freeing.

No homophobia, no racism, no transphobia, no sexism, and no fatphobia will be tolerated in any of our virtual or physical spaces.

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