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Arizona Sky

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Mon, July 21, 2008
9:15pm - 10:47pm
Prince Music Theater [1412 Chestnut, Philadelphia, PA]

Sponsored by: QFest
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First love is the sweetest in this romantic drama about two reunited 30-something buddies who fall back in love.

Sweet-natured and pure of spirit, Arizona Sky is the romantic story of two high school buddies who reconnect with desire in their hearts. As the film opens, Kyle and Jake are getting together for what appears to be a regular night of “sleeping out” in the desert. The pangs, ache and longing of first love are evident in these two beautiful young men. They eat some supper and then curl up on blankets for an evening of necking in the back of Kyle’s old pickup truck. But it seems that this idyll is about to end as Jake is set to move with his dad to the big city. Fast forward 18 years and Jake is now a movie producer with an over-stressed, loveless existence. After a particularly harsh panic attack, Jake’s best friend urges him to take a break and vacation for the first time in years. It’s back to Arizona where, just maybe, Kyle’s still living. The two now-grown men reconnect and the spark is still there. Kyle is in the closet with his gay desires, but all of his feelings spill to the surface as he and his old friend get to know each other better. With a micro-budget and a nice story to tell, Jeff London’s film will appeal to all of you closet romantics.

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