Tight butt for the Holidays!

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Happy Thanksgiving! You might be expecting me to write something about eating right for Thanksgiving, but nope. Eat all you want, eat what you want and enjoy. Just take your time and enjoy the taste of the food, savor each bite and make it last. Too often we do not take the time to taste what we eat and this is one time to do so. Also, I am tricking you a little. It takes our bodies about 20 minutes to signal that you are full, so we usually eat 20 minute too long at a big gathering or party. Next time, I will touch on making healthier choices during the December holiday season that is usually full of parties and less healthy food options, but for Thanksgiving again, I will keep it simple.

Eat slowly.

Savor each bite.

Enjoy the company.

Eat what you want on Thanksgiving.

Now for the title, “Tight Butt for the Holidays.” Some of us will spend a few too many hours on a plane, train, or automobile traveling for the holidays starting with Thanksgiving. My partner and I are heading down to DC and will spend at least 2 hours down and 2 more back. Instead of just sitting in the car, I enjoy doing isometric butt clenches (I also keep a light dumbbell under my front seat, but that is another story.) As for the clenches, simply tighten your butt muscles and hold. See if you can hold the whole butt tight and flexed for about 2 minutes at a time and take a 30 second break. Act as if you have put a quarter between the cheeks and are trying to keep it there. After a while, you will feel it. It makes practical use of otherwise stagnant time. You can also choose various other body parts and do the same thing. Flex and hold the quads, or calves, if you are stuck in traffic, you can even press your hands together in front of you and work the chest a bit. But for starters, back to your butt. Put in some dance music or your favorite song and after 10 minutes of flexing, go ahead and flex to the beat. It passes time, keeps you awake, and can actually give your butt a nicer shape and more tone. No harm done, otherwise you are just sitting on it, so make the most, and flex that butt. With luck, the right person will notice and appreciate it for the holidays. : ) More importantly, if you enjoy it and it feels good, flex away!

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