Play Hard and Often

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

As I am writing this column, I am sitting in the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Denver, CO. It is 6am, and I am up and waiting to begin the three day long North American Volleyball Association (NAGVA) National Championship Tournament. I am excited and looking forward to it. Last year at this exact moment, I was in Atlanta, GA for the same annual event and my team had the great fortune of winning First Place and becoming National Champions.

Growing up, I never participated in organized sports in my high school or even college. It was only several years ago when I hit the big 3-0, that I consciously decided to pay more attention to my physical self and try to get into better shape. I began to do more intense weight training and I found volleyball. I had tried it before in college intramurals, but never remember winning or understanding the game. I have loved every minute of it.

By becoming involved in an organized sport, I have met many wonderful people across the country. It started out small with the local recreational gay volleyball league in Cleveland and grew when I learned about NAGVA and began going to tournaments.

When I moved to Philadelphia, I knew no one. I quickly made friends, but I have met the most people by attending Philadelphia’s recreational gay volleyball league.

The inspiration for this column stems from the fact that the first week of June is Gay Sports Week in Philadelphia. Almost every single night of the week, the various gay sports organizations will be having open practices, sessions and or social events to introduce new people. My advice to you is to watch for the details, get off your nice little butt and GO to anything and everything that interests you even vaguely. Try out something new, the members will be glad to see your interest and will take the time to introduce you and welcome you to the sport. Go every night! I remember from last year that almost everyday had SOMETHING from the Fins Swim practice, to Spartan Wrestling to VAMP Volleyball.

If you used to play organized sports, or if you HAVE NEVER participated in any form of organized sport, it is never to late!

You will make friends (and maybe lovers).
You will have fun!
You will get healthier!
You will look sexier!
You will increase your agility, balance, and stamina. This can come in handy!

Take a chance and give it a shot. Use the first week of June to try out as many as you can fit in your schedule. Go back to a few for the rest of the month, give it a chance. You will not be a pro right away and no one expects it. Learning is a life long process and I challenge you to get out there and learn a new activity. It will pay off. So come OUT and PLAY HARD! SEE YOU AROUND!!!

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