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Okay so you’ve knocked them out of the box all day with your sleek and fashionably correct ensemble and now you are home and ready to throw on your sweats or flannel pajamas and snuggle up with your fav plush pal or “boo”. Does that sound about right? NOT! It’s time to ditch those so not sexy sweat and itchy jamies, because I’m giving you tips on how to bring sexy back…into your home that is. Follow a few of my tips (for some a lil’ bit luck will also be needed) and you will be ditching your stuffed padre in no time!

I will first address my favorite type of eye candy, the more aggressive women and men of our society. Many may think it is easy for you all to look sexy while patrolling the home scene, when in reality it is probably the hardest as there aren’t many, or for that matter any, stores that provide a variety of sexy lounge wear for the more aggressive women and men. Therefore, you all have to use a little creativity. Don’t fret too much because you will get extra brownie points for going the extra mile. Try investing in some couture boxers and pajama pants. Definitely ditch those “tighty whities”! If nothing else is a turn-off, those are!!! Trust me. To top off your ensemble try a matching shirt to those pants or a sexy tank to show off your body type. Please try to avoid gaudy pajama sets. They are just as bad as the “tighty whities” and even your plush pal won’t want to be bothered! LOL. I suggest you take a peek at what GAP Body, Old Navy, and H & M have to offer.

As for my less aggressive but not so feminine women and men, just as I always say, K.I.S.S., and if you don’t know what that means by now, tough! You’re best bet would be to try and coordinate your outfit with your personality. Try avoiding the “covered up” look. You know what I mean. I totally understand if you are somewhat totally neutral and don’t really want to sway towards aggressive or feminine. Give some thought to investing in some boi shorts, animated boxers or pajama sets. You too should avoid the gaudy Pjs. I normally would not recommend shopping in the “teeny bop” stores, as my mother would say, but they usually carry a good variety of pajamas that will keep you comfortable in both mood and fit. Browse around at shops such as, G&G, Rave, Joyce Leslie, or even Rainbow. They are all, for the most part, inexpensive and at a shopping center near you.

Last, but certainly not least, to my feminine fancies, when I said, “ditch the sweats”, I was talking to you directly. Although, I’m sure you can still knock’em down with a pair of sweats but why not knock’em dead with something a little more fierce. There is absolutely no excuse for my pillow princesses not to possess sexy lounge wear, because you have so much to choose from. Keep yourself and your partner “in the mood” with a pair of girlie boi shorts, t-shirt and panties, slip dress, or a cami with classic yoga pants. Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, or GAP Body are all great places for quality sexy lounge wear. For less expensive attire, feel free to try the aforementioned “teeny bop” shops, G&G, Rave, Joyce Leslie, and Rainbow.

Now here’s a brief list of Do’s and Don’ts everyone should follow:

1. Never, ever, I mean never, wear those footie pajamas. I don’t even know why they are available in adult sizes. I don’t even want you to wear them while you are alone! Just throw them out. In fact, why did you even buy them? I should call the fashion police on you. LOL

2. Do save your head-wrap, i.e., doo-rags, wave caps, for bedtime. Do not walk around the house all day or all night with that thing on your head. Definitely a “in the mood” killer. Who can get turned on by someone who always looks like they’re about to flip some flapjacks?!? LOL. And if I see you carousing the streets with a head-wrap and/or curlers, I’m definitely doing a citizen’s arrest and calling the fashion police!

3. I know house coats are warm and snugly, but please save that for unexpected company, getting out of the shower, or to get the paper on your front lawn. Who exactly are you hiding from while walking the house with that thing on?? Actually, if it’s a “house coat”, you’re most likely fashionably incorrect anyway. Invest in a sleek robe that does not hide your sexy body instead of a cotton catastrophe.

Well that’s it from me. Look out for my upcoming exciting columns which include, but not limited to, hair and make-up tips, an exclusive interview with an established local designer, and back-to-school suggestions. As usual, thanks for reading and enjoy your summer!

Peace and Love,



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