Bye, Bye Back to School Blues

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So I figured I’m probably the only person actually excited about returning to school this semester. I have my own reasons for my enthusiasm, but of course I had a little assistance from my back-to-school shopping. Some of ya’ll might say, "Aren’t a lil too old to go back-to-school shopping?" and I say, "Heck no!". LOL. Do you remember when you were in elementary, middle, or even high school that hot day in August your mom would take you school shopping? Wasn’t that day one of most exciting days of your year, other than the obvious first day of school when you get to show off your favorite new outfit? So why not treat yourself just the same as your parents did? Well, that is, if you can afford it. Don’t go spending your book money on the latest Gucci bags. You know who are. However, you can do some frugal shopping, still look fabulous, and be eager to hit those books once again…in style. How you may ask? You should know by now I could not leave you hanging without giving you my great suggestions of how to upgrade your fashion sense.

First and foremost, I recommend you spend your spare money on some nifty school supplies. Purchase a few dazzling pens and pencils to spice up note taking and jotting down assignments. You’d be surprised what a fancy pen or two will do to enlighten your day after lagging between work and classes. Invest in a comfortable stylish back pack. Whoever started that rumor that it is cool to walk around with 20 pound books in your arms lied to you! Your mama was right when she said you’ll regret not carrying a book bag…my back still hurts. LOL. I understand back packs are not as inexpensive as they used to be, but if you invest in a good one you will not have to buy another for at least two years or so. Try carousing Wal-Mart, Modell’s, or Target for the cheapest and most comfortable styles. For a more fashionable look, I recommend Old Navy, GAP, or H & M.

Your second priority should be at least two or three pairs of comfortable fashion savvy shoes. Ladies treat your feet to a stylish black and/or brown to-the-knee pair of boots. This style of boots are usually extremely comfortable and go with everything in your closet from professional to jeans and a baby tee. Sneakers are O.K., but feminine ladies leave those to the more aggressive women and men. I must admit that there is nothing more attractive than a woman strutting on campus with a pair of sexy knee boots. Whew! As for my gents and more aggressive women, you can drive them wild with latest, and needless to say, your favorite style of kicks. Try not to get an off-the-wall color that will only go with one shirt in your closet. As usual, K.I.S.S.! A simple pair of black and/or white kicks will get the job done right. Also, just to avoid the frequent casual look, purchase at least one pair of comfortable dress shoes. I have to confess that it is definitely a turn-on to see an aggressive studious woman in sync with fashion in the classroom. Take a peek at what Bare Feet, The Shoe Department, and again Target have to offer your feet this fall semester.

Last and most certainly not least, treat yourself to a few outfits. You can easily brighten up your day with colorful tops and bottoms. Remember NO WHITE after labor day! An absolute no, no. Don’t forget to not go crazy while shopping. Be responsible. Don’t shy away from your local thrift stores because you’d be surprised what you’ll find. Acquire a few trendy belts and trinkets to jazz up your outfit from shops like Claire’s, Hot Topic, or Joyce Leslie.

I hope you enjoy and successfully conquer this upcoming semester…in style that is. Thanks for reading. Peace and Love.

Fashionably Yours,

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