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Taken aback by the title? Hopefully, not too much. Whether you realized it or not purchases and interests in knock-off apparel and accessories are through the roof. Are knock-offs a good thing? Before I proceed I feel obligated to clarify exactly what a knock-off is. A knock-off is a facsimile and/or modification of an original design or concept. Additionally, a knock-off is not limited to any type of purchasing category. In fact, a knock-off can be anything from a piece of candy to a pair of fishnets or even a car. You know what I’m talking about…what about that car that looks just-like a Bentley? Don’t worry I won’t shout-out any names. You probably swear up and down that you don’t wear nor own and don’t like anything knock-off, but sweetie you’re only fooling yourself. I see it every day, all day, every where I go. If I can admit I wear knock-offs, then there should be no shame in your game.

At this point, you are probably speculating where am I going with all this knock-off stuff. Right? Well let me give you an example just in case you are: Let’s say you’re browsing through one of those magazines mailed to your home or office and you like the sleeveless bubble halter dress advertised as an “original design”. Now the magazine has the dress marked at their special one-time only discounted price of $100.00. Remember this price does not even include tax and shipping. What do you do? Do you spend the money since this is an original design and with a little extra you can have it within a matter of days? Are you kidding me, I hope you really were not considering actually buying that dress?!? Do not be fooled. First of all, it may be an original design to that particular retailer, but I am quite sure there are dozens of other stores that have the almost exact same design. Anyone can label something as an original if they put their own twist on it regardless of how meager or major that twist is. Think about it.

The previous shopping scenario applies when it comes to accessories and shoes as well. We unnecessarily spend a burdensome amount of money for name-brand clothing, footwear, and accessories when we don’t have to. Unless, you have a slew of money to spend like water, you may ask the obvious question: Where can I go to get me some knock-offs? Don’t worry because I’m certain you already know the answer to this one. Sexy femmes should try carousing Joyce Leslie, Easy Pickins, Rainbow, Bare Feet, Charlotte Russe, and DEB. These places are infamous for having most of the latest styles of apparel, accessories, shoes, sleep wear, and undergarments at a discounted rate with sizes ranging from zero-and-up. Fortunately, we femmes have it a lot easier than the aggressive folks when comes to saving a buck or two on clothes and shoes; however, be cautious for places like Wet Seal, Mandee, Old Navy, Annie-Sez, and New York & Co., because they have the tendency to be over-priced…why pay more especially if it’s not the real deal?!? As for my stunning aggressive clique, I recommend checking out Steve & Barry’s, Wal-Mart (yes, Wal-Mart), H&M, Target, Ross, Marshall’s, and Burlington Coat Factory. Doms please avoid spending an unnecessary excess stash at places such as, The Men’s Warehouse, USA Blues, Express, Pacific Sun, D.E.M.O., and G-Street.

I must admit that at a few of my recommended places you may need to confirm whether or not they are offering the lowest price available, because remember that they are still trying to make a buck too. Also, don’t forget that since these stores may offer the cheapest retail, but the quality of their attire and accessories may not be the same as the magazines and/or department stores. Don’t fret too much because that is okay, remember that all trends, especially fashion, come and go like sunrise and sunset. So who in their right mind would spend so much on something that will be corny in a matter of months, days, weeks, or even hours? No irony, just common sense. Contrarily, I always recommend taking the high road when it comes to professionalism and simply treating yourself, so constantly pinching pennies is not always a great idea. Just remember to be aware of what you’re paying for and how much you should actually spend. Thus, regardless if you’re buying something to snack on or fishnets to match that sleeveless bubble halter dress, buy what is inexpensive and save your money for something important like retirement or your children’s education. With that I am signing off and leaving you with a few Do’s and Don’ts of knock off shopping. Thank you for reading and feel free to post a comment regarding this article. Please email topic suggestions to Fashion designers wanted to interview, please contact via email for details.

DeAnn’s Do’s and Don’ts of Knock-Off Shopping
Don’t (ever never ever, no not even then)
Purchase a pair of shades just-like the latest Gucci style. Please pass on the opportunity of purchasing a pair of shades just-like the latest Gucci style that have ‘Jucci’ anywhere on the glasses.
Purchase a pair of jeans similar to the ones you saw in Bebe. Avoid purchasing a pair of jeans where the pockets are not even sewn on correctly. If you’re buying the irregular pair to save a buck you might as well save all your money because regardless of what style the jeans may resemble irregular is another word for defect and you assemble will look defective with crooked seams and one pant-leg longer than the other.
Purchase a shirt similar to that swoop-necked DKNY you saw at Macy’s. DO NOT purchase that swoop-necked DKNY look-a-like if you anticipate being in the presence of someone who has the real deal. You will only make them look better and yourself look cheap.

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