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Are there any gays and lesbians who have musical inclinations beyond the club scene? I understand the interest in the proper setting but it doesn’t fly with me. Remixed, refurbished, retired music again and again at loud decibels simply cannot be the only musical outlet for gay family. Is enjoying that music supporting gay artists or more importantly gay local artists?

Perhaps you think that you are the only Rockband playing, Bowie sing-a-long, Bob Mould loving or even rap loving LGBT citizen in the city. So maybe you still use that hair brush as a microphone belting out tunes in front of the mirror as you get dressed for yet another night out of repetitive club music.

I’m telling you it doesn’t have to be that way. There is more to homo-hood than a flickering spastic light and Guido-like techno tunes. In one week, I saw more local gay music than your average homo so I know it’s out there.

Chris Schutz and the Tourists are a Philadelphia gay gem and more people should know this. If the scruffy homo-handsome Chris Schutz isn’t your speed he has Philly’s dyke heart throb Steph Hayes on guitar and vocals. This band is made up of real musicians who know their instruments well and recently kicked ass at The Khyber on Wednesday, February 13th.  Where were all the other gays and lesbians that like good music? The group gels together with their songs and vocal styling. Schutz and Hayes harmonize like long lost souls finally reunited. Its crystal clean rock and roll at its best and you should be ashamed of yourself if you weren’t there. I saw Schutz perform at Philly Queer Rock Show and I’ve been hooked ever since. His song, "I Know that Shit Ain’t Right," is the crème of the crop.

If straight up rock and roll doesn’t suit you and you’re a closet rap fan like me, where were you Friday, February 15th? You should’ve been at North Star Bar shaking your ass and throwing gang signs at the SGT SASS show. Their song "Faggot Snappin’" is a favorite of mine. Rappers K.D. and D.T. got more Salt and more Peppa than the duo who originates the name and is also listed as an influence of the Sass.

K.D. is a cuter version of Ice Cube and drops rhymes like his life depends on it. D.T. is smiley and cuts up the microphone, but don’t be fooled by the smiles. These fags are dangerous. The two have been doing the damn thing for a year now. I bought a CD at one of their shows and it fits right in with any other rap CD I own. Seeing them live is a party, simple as that. You can’t help but move your ass and want desperately to belong to the group referred to as the Soldiers of SGT Sass.

Also on the bill at North Star on Friday night were Leslie and the Ly’s. Mere words do no justice to this band. Midwestern ambassadors of badass, Leslie may or may not be a lesbian but she puts the "F" in PFLAG. Clearly a gay icon, Leslie impresses while rapping and moving her body like she’s making a baby. Anything I say about her stage performance simply would not be believed, but it is much like a theatrical review. Leslie along with her Ly’s whose names are Bonez and Scrappy, convey Midwestern divalicious behavior live and direct. They bring members of the audience up for a bedazzled sweater naming segment complete with certificate of authenticity. Leslie also uses multimedia and changes her outfit while onstage! A favorite song of mine is "Zombie Killer."

If you missed these great bands save their websites. Check back often. Read the Philly Weeklies for shows and check here for their concerts. There’s no reason why gays and lesbians need be locked into the loop of strictly enjoying club music. So, where are all of you queer rock loving folks?

Even at the Philly Queer Rock Show (PQR) the crowd was not nearly enough at its maximum capacity. PQR boasted such talents as Lot 6 and Red Skate Red. More queer or queer-friendly rockers that I know of are The Celebs, Shooting Ropes and The Divys. If you’re looking for a queer rock music night check out Rock-N-Roll Queer Bar a party the second Wednesday of the month.
I know the gay rock loving community is out there. Come and check out any of these bands. I know the gay population likes queer genres of music. Even Martha Graham Cracker (MGC) kicks out the jams. The fact can’t be that a gay rocker has to wear a dress for the crowd to be packed like they are at a MGC show.

This Saturday, February 23rd you can get in on some of the action. Fags, dykes and our hetero friends might want to check out Sugartown presenting BERETTA 76, Victor Victor Band, KeN, Surgeon and DJ Chatty Cathy at The Tritone.

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