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As I look at the stamp mark on my hand from the door guy at North Star Bar I hope it never comes off. I want it as a reminder.
If you were wondering to yourself last night, March 4, 2008, “Where are all the sexy bitches?” I can tell you Gay Philly they were at the MEN show.

The groovy mixed crowd of mad hipsters, misfits, mods and Manchesterites are too cool to care if you were there or not. I mean, for the love of god, Izzy Cihak from the Lyke Magazine was there!!! The audience was attentive and loving, with just the right amount of people to maintain a stoic scene.

The opening act Hey Willpower!, were the perfect light and happy appetizer. Hey Willpower! is Will Schwartz from Imperial Teen and Tomo Yasuda (Tomo) from The Boy Explodes. Dancing around like a kid on Christmas, Schwartz puts Dancing With the Stars to shame. The music is queer pop and it’s sublime.

Ending the set with “Hundredaire,” the MEN DJs most uniquely rushed the stage. The music slides from Hey Willpower! to Johanna and JD of MEN. “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn,” they were witches over the cauldron of glowing computer screens sort of like what Shakespeare meant in Macbeth.

If you’re from Mars and don’t know who MEN are pay close attention since even a few of the people there were so struck with awe they weren’t sure what the deal was…

MEN are DJS, as their T-shirts say. In 2007, two of the three members of Le Tigre (Johanna Fateman and JD Sampson) started spinning and doing some production DJ style.

They play the songs other DJs are too scared to play. Kicking off the set with, “It’s Raining Men,” and forcing their musical inclinations up in your face you don’t have a choice but to shake your ass around. I could tell you every song they played but why should I? It’s your fault for not being there. I will tell you that you can make requests via their website, I think some Luscious Jackson is in order!

JD and Johanna mix it up mad scientist style. Huddled over their Apple lap tops constantly moving to their own beats I just sat in wonderment thinking, “What will they play next? Do they know any bounds?”
The answer is no. They bow to no one.

If you weren’t there you should feel like shit. North Star Bar was blown up by MEN.

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