The Shondes and Steph Hayes

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Cheeks Studio in Upper Darby, PA was set up quainter than a boutique gay bed and breakfast on a Sunday morning for Steph Hayes’ live recording of her CD "Mostly True Stories."

Couches surrounded a small stage area where Hayes performed a bevy of songs; new, old and covers. In a black cowboy shirt and black jeans the audience was treated to quips and chatter about some of her music, with a few do-overs of song lyrics forgotten. It was all endearing and unfettered.

Whether you want to compare Steph Hayes endlessly to Michelle Shocked, Susan Vega, Lauryn Hill or Lisa Stansfield it’s pointless as she shifts and changes things up. She can be soft as a dove and alluring or strum a hard and mean guitar into a frenzy.

If you think going to a live recording of a CD in a professional studio sounds cool, you’re right. It was extremely cool and I can’t wait for the CD in the mail as everyone in attendance is promised one with all attendees names in the credits.

The entire experience was a delight and unparallel to anything I’ve ever attended before.

Also kicking it around on Saturday (3/29) was the Sugartown event that gets all the lezzies out. A few from the Hayes event sped furiously to get to the Tritone in time for the line up of bands. I got to see the splendor that is The No No Spots. Drum and keyboards can really kick ass, seriously! I was totally into The No No Spots even though their set was short.

Finally The Shondes took stage and a thunderous sound of vocals, drums, guitars and yes… a violin? Fiddle? Engulfed the stage like a fire and the crowd was incredibly pleased.

A night of lesbian rock always makes me thirsty. For you front runner diehard L Word fanatical peeps who don’t realize that the show is now mostly for pervy hets, be aware, Uh Huh Her is coming to North Star Bar May 15th. I so completely won’t be there, but let me know if they do any Murmurs songs.

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