What do you have in your closet for Spring 2008?

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Hey folks! Even though you probably can’t tell, it’s Spring time again and that means out with the cold and, eventually, in with what’s new and hott. This is going to be a great Spring with all the new bright colors, retro and chic styles, and prices you cannot resist. After numerous shopping sprees all over the local areas, I can easily report that the 80’s is back and in most cases with a punked-out twist. Yes ladies and gents, skulls, skulls, and more skulls is what you’ll find on most of the racks of your local retailers. I recommend that you check out Eternity Fashion, Lady Blue, Joyce Leslie, U.S.A. Blues, as well as, the local boutiques.

Now my question to you is: What do you have in your closet for Spring 2008? Well if you’re anything like me, you probably have an array of clothes you don’t even recognize, even though you just looked at them last year. Are you unsure of what colors you should wear and what’s still “in” and what’s not? Needless to say, below are a few tips to help you coordinate your wardrobe for Spring 2008!

Tip # 1: Watch your colors!
I know you’re anxious to wear white and all of those exciting cool colors, but be cautious. Just because it’s Spring does not mean break-out the flip-flops! I think waiting a couple of more weeks, until the weather warms-up, would be best to bring out the white summer dresses or capris. Yea, yea, I know there is no specific rule about what colors to wear in the Spring, but it just doesn’t seem right to wear perky colors when it’s so crappy outside.
Tip # 2: Trash those trends!
I personally try to avoid trendy clothes only because they go out of style in a matter of weeks. Thus, if you have any trendy outfits from the Summer of 2007 that you considered pulling out…don’t! Donating them would do you and everyone else a favor.
Tip # 3: Save the shorts and sandals.
Please do not let me catch you wearing some shorts or sandals (especially white) any time soon! Just a heads up, yes people are justifiably laughing at you and your shorts because you look crazy! It’s 50º and below outside. I just have to call the fashion police if I catch you with this one.
Tip # 4: Start pursuing those luscious lips and stunna shades.
Now would be a good time to begin looking for that perfect poppin’ lip gloss. If you want to do it right, it will some time to find that one or two glosses that make your eyes shines, teeth sparkle, and lips gleam in that beautiful Spring sun. Also, you cannot just buy any ole’ drug store shades. Because shades are so disposable, invest a reasonable amount of money in a trendy pair or two of shades that suit your face and coordinates with most of your outfits.
Tip # 5: Buy Now!
Just because I recommended you to not wear those Spring clothes just yet, doesn’t mean you cannot start shopping for them. Shop now while all the newest styles are hitting the racks and when the time does come for you rock that Spring gear, you’ll have what’s fresh and head turning. Don’t be the stooge who shops on June 1st when all the Spring/Summer styles are now on clearance racks and there is only one size left, which is unluckily not yours, of the garment you want. I hate that! You know what I’m talking about.

Hopefully, these tips will help you start spring into 2008 with style. Always remember to K.I.S.S. and change with the physical season, not with what the retailers have to offer because they will have you literally out in the cold!

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Thanks for reading. Peace and Love.

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