The Primary is Today. What Will I Do Tomorrow?

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

On April 18th 2008 Ms. Chelsea Clinton made a second appearance in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood to urge the gay public to support her mother in today’s Primary election. Starting out at Bump Ms. Clinton and retinue of supporters would visit Sisters and other venues. This time she was joined by high-profile Hillary supporters, such as Governor Rendell, Queer as Folk Star Ben Gant and an openly Gay Assemblyman whose name I missed as I entered while he was speaking. He did say however that Mrs. Clinton is the smartest person he has ever met, a sentiment shared by the majority of the room, even if they had not personally met the Senator from New York.

Governor Rendell is a rather familiar face at Center City’s gay watering holes. His words were born out of deep belief in Mrs. Clinton. Touting her as not only the best possible person for the job of Commander-in-Chief but also promising her to be the best president we will ever have. Her promised reforms on healthcare, the economy and the war in Iraq (and Afghanistan, remember that is still going on despite some lax committee members) were praised and recounted to us.

However, everyone in that room with a Hillary sticker knew why they were there. They were there to see Chelsea. I cannot say that anything monumental was said on Friday night. I think everyone — in all two camps … wait, what did I say? Three camps! Sorry, being young (ok, nearly twenty-nine) urban and gay I just don’t hear that much in terms of McCain supporters. Pardon my digression but I think everyone is just tired of the campaign. It has been like one long, continuous string of never-ending holiday events. Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve over and over again! All the things that you aren’t supposed to talk about at family dinner parties have been on center stage: war, money, sex and POLITICS! Except with these holiday events we don’t get to midnight until these primaries are over with and we don’t get to shout “Happy New Year’ until November!

These campaigns have been fascinating to watch. If for the only reason that so many people have become political that were not in the least bit interested in previous campaigns. The democrats have been chomping at the bit, myself included since we saw the election robbed from us in 2008 by Bush and Nader. I have been watching intently since Al Gore was defeated, and hallmarked it as the worst moment of my young life. My JFK. Then came the towers and the war and these past eight years have been hell!

I am just tired. These campaigns have become so Machiavellian. Allegations thrown left, conspiracy theories thrown right. And it is because we are tired of the current administration and we are fighting passionately. On one hand I do not know what I will do with myself after tonight or after the Indiana primary or after the Bombay primary, which should have some say in the process since they have so many American jobs. I don’t know if I will hunger for Wolf Blitzer on CNN as I am getting ready for dinner anymore. (Not THAT way!) I will be deflated and perhaps a bit depressed or a bit anxious! What about these three-hundred odd super delegates that haven’t cast a vote? Are they Hillary’s answer, or Obama’s answer? What if the defeated Democrat joins the ticket of the chosen candidate? What if Bush decides to declare Marshall Law and we don’t have an election again, ever? And her I go again getting excited! I just want to know who is going to win now!

Anyway … after some rousing words from Robert Gant former star of “Queer as Folk” and a UPenn alumnus we once again met Chelsea Clinton. The clamor from the crowd of mostly gay men and women was great, perhaps greater than her last appearance. Chelsea was not only a “celebrity’ (come on, I think we all know that Chelsea is one now, I see a reality series) that night but a symbol of hope. She was there to rally the Hillary camp. She was there to say to us, “Don’t give up hope! Keep going to the Primary!” And well … the crowd: we listened.

And we spoke. “The gays LOVE Chelsea,” and similar chants were heard floating above the heads and below the curvaceous lighting fixtures on the Bump ceilings. Chelsea replied that she wasn’t sure about all that. Come now! Modesty should be checked at the door at gay venues. (I wonder where she trots out for cocktails with her gay friends in Manhattan … mmm.)

Her words do not need to be recounted. Her mother is the candidate of choice — by and large — for the gay community in Philadelphia, New York City and many other American metropolises. She understands our needs, our wants and that often twisted word when it comes to gay rights: agenda. Understand my malaise does not come from being “over’ the Clinton campaign. Instead it comes from knowing the issues, feeling passionately about my candidate and wanting the best for her in the form of BEING our candidate. My political zeal aside I was of course a bit starstruck too … again! This commentator — at least in terms of this and Chelsea’s last visit to Philly — even got his picture taken with her. Now, that being said I am going to walk my dog and then vote for Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Tomorrow I don’t know what to do. I have to study French. There are the flowers I want to plant. Oh! I’ll polish all of my boots and put them away for Spring. Yeah! And then I will replace my broken iPod. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Replace the iPod!

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