Philly Spring Theatre has Sprung

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Interested in a little theatre to culture up your life but aren’t sure what to go see? Well, Hedwig and the Angry Inch comes to mind first off. Azuka Theatre is presenting this event until May at the Latvian Society. That delicious Dito van Reigersberg is playing Hedwig and the show is directed by Kevin Glaccum. Last night, April 17th 2008, was the preview of Hedwig and I was lucky enough to attend.

Nothing can prepare you for the greatness that is Hedwig. Van Reigersberg’s vocal range is displayed with poignancy and he simply just commands the crowd. Everyone sat completely spellbound by the performance. The band, The Angry Inch, (Tory Herion, Rich Hill, Andrew Nelson and Ned Sonstein) and Yitzhak (Kim Carson) all stood out on their own as well.

The INTERact Theatre Company has the incredibly dramatic and fascinating Frozen up now until May. A gritty tale of a missing child and the lives torn from the event makes for some characters you can relate to which gets you to sink your teeth into this play. It’s well acted by Catherine Slusar, Jeb Kreager, Mary Martello and Kyle Green with Whit MacLaughlin directing.

Opening April 30 with a run until June is Eurydice. The myth of Orpheus complete with witty humor and roller coaster plot line is at the Wilma Theatre. It stars Merritt Janson, Ben Huber and Stephen Novelli, to name a few. This production features live musical performances of Toby Twining original musical score.

Something on the horizon that I’m anxiously anticipating is Shawn O’Shea’s Identity Theft. O’Shea had his first stage play (Starlight Supply) up during last year’s Fringe Festival and it was a wildly entertaining comedy.

Identity Theft, a comedy as well, will be at Plays and Players Cabaret on Delancey Street. It runs May 22-25 at 8pm with a 2pm matinee on Sunday the 25th. It stars Jeremy Hagan, Manual Kanian, Alexandra Orerga, Nathan Black, Gavin Young, Trudy Graboyes and Joe Ciresi, with set design by Andrew Thompson.

O’Shea said about Identity Theft, “It is a play in its own right which grew out of goofy conversations of several people with bad credit.”

When asked if he had bad credit he mentions, “Let’s just say that when my friends and family need financial guidance…they don’t even have me last on their list.”

He also told me, “The artwork of Robin Frey will be used during the show as if it were done by one of the primary characters.”

Corbin Abernathy directed O’Shea’s first work and will direct this one as well. His first play was hilarious and I will be first in line on opening night.

Lastly you might want to give Alex Torra’s, (Pig Iron) Come to My Awesome Fiesta, It’s Going to be Awesome, Okay? It’s up May 9th and 10th and promises to entertain as Pig Iron always does.

With the weather changing you want to get out more. So, go out and culture yourself up with these performances.

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