Makeup or Breakup

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It is not necessary for careful observation to see that no two persons use the exact makeup brand or application. If you think about it, the reason that no two persons wear the same makeup is quite obvious…look at the thousands of choices you have! The probability of me picking up the same gloss as another is approximately 50-to-1 (which in my book is a good thing).

There is also the “shade factor”. Cosmetic consumers come in all different shades, tones, and nevertheless, shapes. Tyra Banks of America’s Next Top Model recently aired a show that discussed the different pangs between causation women and women of color when it comes to hair styling and cosmetic choices. Literally divided, the women took turns on the soap-box hashing day-to-day troubles of “looking presentable”.

In short, you are not alone when it comes to habitual problem of purchasing the right or at the very least the most suitable cosmetics for your precious face. I personally have wasted an abundance of money on dozens of lip liners, gloss, eyeshadow, blush, mascara, and other whatnots and I am supposed to be a professional at this – by now!

So therefore, I am certain that my readers have thrown away just as much money if not more by attempting to purchase the appropriate cosmetics. Don’t be ashamed because I too have put my faith in the over made-up ladies at the cosmetic counters at various department stores and even lived on the wild side by going to the local drug store. Why oh why do we trust those cosmetic salespersons?! We should know better because first of all look at them! Makeup is supposed to be discreet – not clown like. Secondly, they give a mirror the size of a paperclip and expect to judge how the makeup looks on you as they stand breathing over your shoulder making you “hurry and buy”! (LOL) Most of all, they are salespersons who are usually paid on commission, of course they’re going to say, “You look stunning.” Knowing dang well you like you’re ready to put on a one-man carnival! (LOL) So what’s a gal to do? Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you’re going to purchase cosmetics:

1. Know you shade and skin tone. Most people don’t even know their shade or tone before going to shop for foundations. Try Goggling shades and tones and you will find various shade/tone charts to compare.

2. Narrow down your colors of interests. If you know what color or colors you’re interested in before going to the store, you will less likely purchase you don’t need or that isn’t flattering. Try to remember to choose colors within the current season (e.g. white eye liner in the fall, a definite no-no).

3. Try on the make-up before purchasing it. Yes, I know this is redundant but it’s definitely necessary. Go to places like MAC where they let you try on the makeup in a thoroughly lit and mirrored atmosphere. Avoid department stores that have dim lighting and small mirrors. These types of places is what I call a “Monet”. You look fabulous while sitting in that rickety chair, but when you get in the car you’re like WTF! (LOL)

4. Bring a friend…a real friend that is. Real friends usually provide you with that honest answer that we sometime dread, but need to hear. Modern moms are usually a great choice for this one. Don’t just trust the judgment of the salesperson because again they are just trying to make a buck or two on the account of your face. Be safe, not sorry and bring a second opinion.

I sure hope these tips are helpful the next time you go shopping for cosmetics. Your feedback is always welcomed at Just remember that cosmetics do not make you beautiful – they enhance your beauty. Do not become dependent on your cosmetics! Always remember how beautiful you are under all the gook you slap on your face. As usual, thanks reading!

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