Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild

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Blasting stereotypes in a crudely comedic way, Another Gay Sequel continues the story of Another Gay Movie with one slight surprise. A post-tornado, Wizard of Oz sequence opens the movie with an explanation as to why all of the actors save Nico (Jonah Blechman) have changed – the previous actors’ agents were afraid that doing too many gay movies might make them look gay. Andy (Jack Mosser), Jarod (Jimmy Clabots), and Griff (Aaron Michael Davies) almost look like the actors from Another Gay Movie, but it still requires fervent suspension of disbelief. Featuring cameos by stars like drag divas RuPaul and Lady Bunny, blogger Perez Hilton, and porn-star Brent Corrigan, the film is an irreverent spoof on not only gay stereotypes, but teen movie clichés as well.

For Spring Break, the boys fly out to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and enter a contest for Miss Gay Gone Wild which centers on getting the most "fuck stamps" by…well, you can guess. Davies as Griff is an absolutely perfect fit as the awkward half of a relationship with Andy. We’ve all been there – Andy gets the boys, and Griff is ignored. Jarod falls for the exotic, but secretly geeky Luis (Euriamus Losada) and needs to learn to curb his sexual appetite for one man only. Nico, through a weird Tikiman talisman reminiscent of the Brady Bunch, is given a curse of bad luck that ends up in his inability to get laid for the week. Blechman is absolutely hilarious as Nico, and his clothing is perfectly suited to every scene. A born-again Christian cameo (as per the movie Saved) with Perez Hilton was overdone but laughable.

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Featuring fisting bath-house zombies, the gay version of the plastics from Mean Girls, lube spiked with superglue, a merman, and a musical homage to watersports (and we’re not talking about water-skiing), the movie is good for a cheap, crass laugh. For added measure, every possible fetish is featured and appropriately spoofed. Normally, I am critical of the teen sex movie genre, but I actually laughed out loud during Another Gay Sequel. The only absolutely awful flop was a vomiting scene between Jarod and his father that not only lasted way too long, but made me want to go throw-up myself. The ending left me with an "eh" sort of feeling as everyone finds themselves and is suddenly happy. The purely Disney ending has our favorite homophobe Walt smiling (or maybe he’s grimacing) in the grave.

I normally don’t look to the lighting and color in a comedy flick, but the bright colors of the film were absolutely perfect for the ditzy, campy nature of the film.. And, of course, the soundtrack is incredible. Nancy Sinatra performs the wonderfully upbeat "Another Gay Sunshine Day" as the movie’s theme song. And Perez Hilton stars in a music video during the credits called "The Clap."

Chock full of gorgeous boys and gratuitous sex, this is not a movie to watch with grand-ma. Unless, of course, grand-ma is the queen next door.

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