Do not pass by ‘Passing By’… Quince Productions unstoppable

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

It takes quite a lot to get me to battle the seething breeders of South Street, especially on a weekend, but Rich Rubin makes it all worth while.

Director and all around charming guy, he has Passing By up until May 3rd. A story about two humans in the throes of a new relationship, sort of… Well there’s a bunch of really odd circumstances. One is younger and ready to go get what he wants in life…John Jarboe who plays Simon.

Jarboe plays the character showing all the inner insecurities a young man can have moving to New York for the first time. You can read his excitement about being in a new place plus his utter fear in his body motions and expressions as well as his dialogue.

For some reason Toby, played by Matt Taylor, struck me greatly. I found him to be mildly surly; Taylor sets the pace for the play easily. Taylor owned his pathetic nature in his role and it was marvelous to watch. Both actors were captivating. Their banter was believable and incredibly easy on the eye.

As soon as I walked in the theatre I heard music from another time and felt instantly ready for this production. Joan Armatrading and Joni Mitchell songs were played, to name a few. The songs helped capture the mood of the play as well as hid the sounds of the stage person changing scenery over.

Regretfully, there’s nothing for me to pick apart about this show. If I squint my eyes and think back really hard I found it bothersome that the bag used as a prop to hold bottles of wine on stage still had its plastic hook on it from being purchased at a store and was not very sturdy when placed between the actor’s legs during a scene.

Seriously, that’s the worst I have. I was riveted through the entire show and would recommend anyone to go see it. I left feeling very entertained and satisfied, thanks to Quince Productions!

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