101 Temptation

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

I was guest at an event on Easter called 101 Temptation. It was hosted by none other than PhillyGayCalendar.

It was a special event to benefit all the gay men and women who had stressful holidays with their families and wanted to relax with some great drinks and the PhillyGayCalendar models. The building is formerly the Mansion @ Rittenhouse Square [21 S 19th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103] The building is now host to One.

This area of town is very nice. There are a lot of things to do during the day before you make your way out to One. Chestnut and Walnut streets are packed full of great stores to shop at. There are also restaurants and many other attractions within walking distance. I recommend the Starbucks on the corner of Chestnut and and 19Th for a great cup of coffee before you make your way on to the harder drinks. We were all incredibly honored to be served by none other than Bruce Yelk, a Philly Famous stud and local writer.

His regular bar tender had called out and the patrons took full advantage of having him there to chat with and look at. He made me an amazing drink. I don’t know what it was exactly but he called it the Yelpin Yelk Special. It had vodka and fruit juice in it. A few of them later and I was ready for the dance floor.

The models were extremely cute and also very personable. Together they were the Philly Gay Calendar Models

They prowled the bar and dance floor making merry with the patrons at the party. Oh and let me tell you another little secret! There were the top men and women in the Philly Gay Community at this party ( I won’t mention names) but they were letting loose. The dance floor was open and packed on the second floor. The music was almost as hot as the dancers.

The drinks were cheap, the guests were hot and the DJ was right on the money with the music. He played a mix of new dance and classic club hits like the Percolator! One of my personal favorites. All in all I made it out alive having only spent $12 for 4 strong drinks. The crowd and the building were perfect. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a moderately upscale venue in the nicer area of town. You’ll find a range of people depending on what night you attend. I recommend the PhillyGayCalendar events highly. Not only because I write for them [for disclosure sake] but also because these guys really know how to throw a party! You can expect the staff to be friendly and the guests to be well dressed and cordial.

1. Environment-10
2. Staff-10
3. Patrons-10
4. Prices-10
5. Product Quality-10
6. Over all Experience-10

I rate this place a 10. It’s fun, cheap and sexy. Go there love it and tell a friend.

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