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If you are like me and adore summer (and dread the return of Old Man Winter) you might need things to look forward to after Labor Day comes to pass. John Caputo, Mr. Gay Philadelphia 2008 and two business partners are already promising us something that will "bump up" the fun this fall. Guess, come on, guess what it is! Give up! Yes, they have taken over Bump at 13th & Locust and plan to revitalize it for all of Philly’s cocktail sippers.

PhillyGayCalendar: So your year as Mr Gay Philadelphia was very much in the pink spot light this year. How was that for you?
John Caputo: Being Mr. Gay Philadelphia has been a great honor. I was very proud to go to the national competition and represent Philadelphia. Even though I lost it has been a great and positive experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

PGC: Did that poise you, or stir up the interest to go into the bar/restaurant industry?
JC: No it did not. I have been involved in the bar/restaurant industry since I was in college. I really enjoy being around people and making them feel welcomed and at home.

PGC: Have you worked as a manager in this industry before?
JC: I have been in the bar/restaurant industry for about 12 years. I have worked as a bartender and bar manager at various places through out Philadelphia.

PGC: Were you actively searching for a venue or was Bump something that found you?
JC: We were actually not looking for something, it just kind of fell into our laps. Steven and Alex Vasiliadis former owners of Monkey Bar and Pandora’s Lunch Box approached me and asked me if I would be interested in taking over Bump with them. I of course said yes that would be a great investment for all of us. It was not on the market at all. We just knew the right people and everything just fell into place.

PGC: I and the other PGC readers will look forward to that! Bump was so fresh and fun when I moved to Philadelphia. Yet, things need to be revamped from time to time. You are keeping the name, so what are you going to do with Bump to – and I have to say this – ‘bump it up a notch?’
JC: We are defiantly bumping it up a few notches. We plan on closing mid August for renovations. We plan on making some major changes to the interior to make the place more intimate and warm. Another change that will be made is updating the menus. As far as direction is still undecided but we would like to incorporate some organic cuisines. We hope to make bump a more fun, classy and sexy establishment that will continue to serve the GLBT community and all walks of life.

PGC: Is there a different focus? I mean, will it become more of a lounge or more of a restaurant?
JC: Bump will still remain a restaurant/lounge. The main focus is make the establishment the total experience, from dining, drinking to entertainment. Our focus is to make everyone welcome, make sure they get the best service, and to make them feel right at home.

PGC: When is your opening party?
JC: The opening party is scheduled to be sometime in early September right after the holiday.

PGC: What did you like about the old Bump? I remember when everyone went there and now, not so much! Were you a faithful customer or had you fallen away as well?
JC: I have to agree with you on this one. When Bump opened its doors it was so fresh and fun and it was the place to be. I remember the place was wall to wall packed and it was tough to get to the bar to get a drink and event to get to the restrooms. I loved the fact that each week there were different theme parties, which kept the place so fresh and fun. I was a faithful customer since the doors opened right up until the sale.

PGC: If you had to say what your mission is with Bump and in other professional endeavors what would it be?
JC: I would have to say our mission is make it a total experience. What I mean by this the number one rule of thumb by far is that its all about the customers and making them happy. I want everyone who walks through that door to feel like they are in my home.

So, despite the fact you are hanging up your swimsuit and can eat carbs again you’ll have a new, improved Bump to call home. Pay attention to upcoming PhillyGayCalender evens, because the Bump re-opening party will surely be on the roster! Now…I am going to upload my pics from Miami and try not to mourn the encroaching fall!

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