Have Your Resolutions Fallen Off Track?

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Most don’t have a clue on how to set resolutions. Do you find yourself snacking or going back to your bad eating habits? Have you skipped a day or two or week at the gym? Have you not gotten 8 hours of sleep every night like you said you would? People fail because they want things and they want them now. Even Donald Trump or Paris Hilton couldn’t get everything perfect overnight with all the money they have. You need to realized things in the bigger picture, yet, work on the smaller details in the fabric. If you have already screwed up your new years resolutions or goals in general – they probably were unrealistic and non achievable to begin with your mindset at hand. Think about your core issues. Think about what went wrong the first time, and how you can fix it – just don’t give up… even if you don’t get it right the second or third time. You have your whole life to achieve them, lets just hope they come sooner than later. I have an 80 % rule. If you do everything 80 % or more most of the time it will happen in the time you want it to. 100 % never happens because you can always be better. 0 % never happens because you never truly fail. If you give more than 80% you get there quicker and if you give less – it just will take you MUCH longer.

TRY THIS: Instead of saying a bigger idea as "I must lose 20 lbs by March" – think of the smaller ideas. For example:

LADIES – bring out those tight jeans that don’t fit or buy a pair you want to fit in. Try them on every time that you don’t want to go to the gym or make an excuse not to. Or if you reach for the whole bag of chips or Ben and Jerry’s (chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite!- Yes I am human and slip sometimes.) it will remind you of your goals , and that you still don’t fit in them the way you want to. Visualize and achieve. If you say you will wake up before work at 5am to go to the gym, and find yourself only making it 2 days a week instead of 5 days a week because you hit the snooze button – change the time you go to the gym. Obviously, 5am isn’t getting you no where.

GENTLEMEN – If you have been absent from the gym for a long period of time, and you think you can jump right back in and "WAM BAM" it with the 40lb dumbbell curls, 215 lb squats, and 3 hour long spin classes a week that you did 4 months ago (or even worse 2 years ago) it isn’t going to happen. If it does, chances are you’ll injure yourself, and then you definitely thank yourself for being an idiot when won’t make it to the gym. Little things count and make HUGE changes in your body, and the way you deal with your daily stress. If you fall off the wagon – get right back on. THESE are the reasons you don’t EVER reach your goals. Fix the core issues, do a little soul searching to discover who YOU are and watch you do BIG things with your life, and body.

Don’t let these things happen. If you say you will give up pizza or ice cream – IT AIN’T happening. Your body and mind simply won’t let it. It is natural for people to give in at times, and if you don’t give in, I would like to personally meet you to figure out your secret along with the rest of the world. Think about the big picture and gravitate your good energy to the smaller goals – daily and weekly. Soon you’ll surpass those goals and move on to newer ones!

No excuses! Make it happen !

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