DJ Eddie Elias hits Philadelphia

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

As a DJ, I very rarely go out to listen to other DJs.  Some might call me jaded.  They’re probably right.  But, no matter what social anxieties dog me, I always make it an effort to hear Eddie Elias.  Simultaneously dark and uplifting, DJ Eddie Elias is a unique force in New York’s dance music scene. He’s been gracing Philadelphia with his unique flavor for just about a year at Voyeur, the city’s most upfront nightlife experience, with largest dancefloor and best sound in the city, hands down.  Elias can take the intensity up and down – from very intense to whimsical – with little effort, often making wanting crowds go completely insane. will be lucky enough to catch Eddie again at his Voyeur residency on Saturday, July 24th, as he celebrates his __ birthday.  He guarantees that he will bring his A-game – and who am I to argue?  He has never disappointed.  He graces Philly at Voyeur, but confounds New York and San Fran as well – he holds residencies at NYC’s white-hot Club 57 (he will officially celebrate his birthday there on July 31st), and SF’s legendary afterhours The Endup.  Miami also holds the privilege, as he spins August 21st at Score for a balls-to-the-wall pre White Party event.

I’ve spent enough time trumpeting where Eddie spins, but the most important part is what he plays.  Eddie brings deep progressive grooves a la Junior Vasquez and Victor Calderone (his prime inspirations), but his mixing skills and uncanny ability to read a crowd rise him a step above the rest.  He ranges from dark and deep to happy and floaty, driving crowds into ecstatic frenzy.  Having impressed difficult Philly crowds (and pissy old me), stands out. 

Eddie is excited to join the Philly DJ family. "I am happy to have a residency in Philly! I love to bring something fresh and new to the audience and educate them. The energy in the room is amazing, it is one of my favorite cities to play for." To download Eddie’s newest DJ mix, click here.

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