Review of ‘Just Say Love’

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Quince Productions is hitting hard once again with a double feature of sorts of Just Say Love and Beirut. Lucky enough to catch them both in one night, directors Daniel Student and Rich Rubin take the audience on a pleasant trip.

Daniel Student took on David J. Mauriello’s Just Say Love. Putting together a play like this must’ve been no easy task due to the clever and constant use of lights and music to change scenes. Peter Andrew Danzig (Guy) and Peter Zielinski (Doug) had instant chemistry on stage. Like a gayer version of the Odd Couple these fellows made you feel the trials and tribulations of that sort of relationship on the side situation. Both were funny in this production with the audience roaring with laughter on many occasions.

The other one act play directed by Rich Rubin was Alan Bowne’s Beirut. A labor of love for any actor, Michael Tomasetti (Torch) and Jessica Snow (Blue) were mostly naked and constantly interacting for the duration of this entire play. A science fiction piece in theory, the actors and everyone involved took on the play with clear vigor and seriousness pulling it off very successfully with conviction.

Both plays were worthy views and anyone with a soul is suggested to see them. When you go please ask yourself, how does Quince get so many things on that stage and why does everyone drop their drawers so much? I actually hadn’t seen that much bare male ass since prom. Thanks Quince.

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