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"Dear Timaree, I have a problem that I think other men might have as well. I like hand jobs and blow jobs, sometimes in the same session. Is there a really good, slick lubricant I can put on myself that doesn’t taste like diesel fuel to my partner? Keep up the fabulous work."

Kudos to you for looking out for your lover’s taste buds. At least, that’s how I’m choosing to interpret your interest in making it easier for him to alternate between blowing you and jacking you off: pure, unadulterated altruism.

You raise a good point about the reality of lubes: they don’t all taste like Hershey’s kisses. But, magically, some do. The easiest answer to your query, of course, is to invest in flavored lubes.  You’ve got a litany of options here. And plenty of brave souls have gone before you to test drive and taste test the products.

What is going to make your particular partner happy will be a matter of preference. Check the reviews of everyday people online for a best guess at what will work.

Another option is to go for lubes that are flavorless and odorless all together. Check out some options here.
If none of these will work, she can always improvise using naturally occurring lubricants. This might include alternating between giving you head and using her hand at a frequency that allows her saliva to be the lube. She must be plenty well-hydrated beforehand and not afraid to get a little slobbery with it. This is precisely why the occasional porn features a classy "spitting on the genitals" shot.

Then there’s always the option of getting it on in the shower, where the running water will keep you from getting chafed but won’t require any outside substances or for her to generate excessive amounts of saliva.

Good luck!

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