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Hey kids!

March is always a special time for me-the arrival of what used to be spring but now is just the real beginning of the worst winter storms in history, the new line of male hookers making their debut on the stroll, and that certain something in the air-hairspray…lots and lots of hairspray.

But enough about me (for now – more later, you know how I do…), let’s talk about what has been on everyone’s lips the past month-no, not herpes, I’m talking about Q Lounge.

There has been more farewell shows at Q Lounge than Cher has ever seen-yet the doors remain open.

Just to dispel the myth-YES! Q LOUNGE IS REMAINING OPEN!

Allegedly, the doors were to close two weeks ago, and the place was to be taken over by the people who ran it as Glowbar. (Yes, after the Schwinn Shoppe but before Bump for all you gayborhood history buffs…)

However, the current staff and owners will be keeping Q Lounge open, with a revamping of it’s weekly lineup, and a closer eye on it’s soap dispensers in the bathrooms that all you trannies like to steal during happy hour!

Originally, I had asked many of Q Lounge’s staff and some of the former staff of Bump to recall their favorite moments of the place for a farewell article. With such heartfelt responses, I could not let these fond memories go to waste-so here they are:

John Caputo

“Definitely the naked guy walking out of the stall four bathroom and into the bar area, and most of all the bond created with the staff-we became a family.”

Steve Magnuson

“In my first month working at Bump, it was a really busy night and I knocked a guy over as I was trying to deliver drinks to a table. I see later that it was Ed Rendell. 7 Years later I have to introduce him when he is campaigning around the gayborhood.”

Carl Michaels

“I had most fun playing on the Sunday afternoon parties called JOY! so many muscles and so much…Uh, I better not mention it here.”

Mikel Tambon

“I have gained so many friendships working at Q Lounge not only with my coworkers but with a lot of the regular faces that entered Q. I am blessed to have so many enjoyable memories from the club that I called home for almost 3 years.”

Thom “Tizzo” Gait

“My favorite memory of Q lounge will always be working with Johnny. He is a true friend and an amazing person to work for. Without him I don’t see where I would of had the confidence to enter the Miss’d America contest. I hope for all the best for him!!”

Bill Keown

“My best memory of Bump – my first day at Bump labor day 2003 went in to train with Skubby and Chuck Costello at 6 pm- it was overwhelming – learning how to use micros, running server, bar shift reports, end of day, labor, end of month reports, programming I could go on and on what keys are for what locks, lighting, sound it was a lot to absorb and there was always something new. Oh I forgot the ATM, and the safe [where they keep the secret recipe to making Hummas] after we closed Skubby Chuck and I had a few shift drinks and we were hashing over the 3 lifetimes we knew each other, as time passed on, I passed out, they poured me in a cab and we went back to Michael’s house and I wake up and come to, the sun is in my eyes I can’t see and I’m choking on something and there’s a piercing loud noise in my right ear, I finally open my eyes and I’m spitting red feathers of my mouth and I’m holding a mechanical rooster that’s crowing, a bottle of stoli, they dressed my in drag, dress, wig and heels those bastards!”

Ricky Mak

“I would have to say that rather than having a specific memory or favorite memory of the time I spent at Bump, I would rather like to mention that during my time as manager there, I was going through a hell of a time in my personal life. I didn’t feel as if I had much to get up for every day. But leading a team of individuals like the ones at Bump when I was there, gave me more than enough reason to get up everyday. All of us seemed to have one thing in common -we all needed each other. We were a rare group of people that worked together yet really cared for one another. In fact it is still that way now when one of us see each other. That smile, that hug, that extra squeeze at the end of the hug are all evidence of something wonderful that we all share and remember about our time together. I don’t know where I would be in my life if I hadn’t met and worked with such wonderful people. And I know from seeing a lot of them still that I have made a difference in their lives as well. Now if that isn’t something wonderful to remember…”

Arturo Cruz

“I’m going to miss Q / Bump for so many reasons. There were so many long lasting friendships that I’ve built over my years there. I’ve seen so many people come and go (some shoulda stayed, some shoulda left) but as a whole I think that’s what I’m going to miss most…the people. The were some crazy managers there over time: Miss Ricky, Chuck Costello, Dantasia, Ricky Mac, Michael Skubish, Myself, Mario Lombardo, Javier Alvarez, Colin Pinto, John Caputo and others. I’ve seen a legion of bartenders, servers, and barbacks come and go. I even witnessed a couple of tragic passing on’s here (RIP Patrick Porter & Chris Venzie) But there’s always going to be the people I’m going to miss. The one’s there till the bitter, tragic, mascara running end: Randall, Joey, Steve, Me, Luke, Liz, Tizzo, Mikey, Nick, Ryan, Dan, Thom, Dean, Andy, QN, Johhny, Ray, Julio, Jose, Steve & Alex, and the rest. These are the biggest reasons I’m gonna miss this place.

But wait there were some small reasons too: The fun times and shenanagins going on in that place. Like the totally drunk naked gay man that came prancing out from the bathroom recently. Or the time Mimi Imfirst was doing her show and destroyed a couch. How about the really fun and outrageous times Tizz, Mikey and Nick do drag. Even drunk trannies showiing off theirs tits can be reason for some fun times…

I’m going to miss the pumping Friday Happy Hours (not so pumping lately but you know….). I still curse the days when someone had drank so much red wine that when they went to the bathroom it looked like their head exploded. It covered everything from ceiling to floor and I mean everything. I suspect Tre Rios. There was also the time a big girl had drank every three dollar martini (going back a bit) before the end of happy hour and polished off a bowl of turkey chili. Imagine the results…yuck!

I still think one of my fondest memories will be my first day. I was a fresh import from a club over at 6th & Spring Garden and was picking up some extra shifts here. They threw me into the insanity of an old Friday Happy Hour just flat out cold that was so busy it made my head spin. I was aghast. They paired me up with this litlle asian kid named Ken who was so fast and nimble he could have been a circus freak. I swore they were gonna fire me that day because in my mind I just couldn’t keep up. Finally desperate and at the end of my shift I told the manager at the time that i was sorry but this shift was crazy but I gave it my best try. She takes a drag from her Parlament 100 cigarette and says: “Ah honey, its ok. It was kinda slow today anyway! But when you come back next week you better keep up!!”

That was 7 1/2 years ago and sometimes i still feel like it’s my first day but kept up I have. But still…I’m gonna miss this place.

All of it.”

Now for more about me – I work harder in March than Asian parents concealing a female baby.

It’s my birthday month-so I spend the next four weeks touring around and showing the kids I’m still alive and kicking…their ass.

I’m kicking off the tour this Thursday, March 3, at Bob & Barbara’s (1509 South Street) for Miss Lisa’s weekly drag show-Showtime is 11:15 sharp and she don’t play around so get their early if you want a spot to see the hottest show in town! I’ll be returning to Bob and Barbara’s March 10 with my gay girlfriend Miss Crystal Electra so if you miss me this week come see me the week after!

Sunday March 6, I’ll be judging and performing at 7pm at Voyeur for the Ms Lady V and Mr V Pageant-hosted by the legendary Harmonica Sunbeam and featuring a large assortment of guest performances this show is gonna be GORG!

Right after the pageant I’ll be dashing to my third installment of Divalicious at Wineo (5th and Poplar Streets)-showtimes are 10 & 11pm and features Cherry Pop, Navaya Shay, Miss P, and Crystal Electra! Kyle from Tavern on the Bar slinging $4 stoli drinks and $3 PBR pounders with a free buffet-what more do ya want for the most Divalicious Sunday show around!

Saturday March 12 is Dragapalooza at 8pm at Voyeur! I’ll be hosting this show of shows which features every queen you can think of, veteran and newbie-and promises to be the drag event of the year! Showcasing all Broadway tunes, we have been in rehearsal for over two months to get this show together. Get your tickets asap at Nightlifegay.com-get em now! (It’s also the night of my birthday so you kids bettah bring it on! And bring luggage because we are gonna be out for awhile…)

March 17 I’ll be on the road to Allentown to perform at 10:30pm at the Stonewall. It’s their kiddie night, but these kids represent. I don’t know what they put in the water there, but these boys have that country, milk-fed look that makes me need a mop on stage! Luckily Miss Crystal Electra will be on hand with me at the show so I don’t get myself into too much trouble…but watch COPS that night just to make sure…

Finally March 20 I’ll be at Tabu hitting the stage at 10:30 with the Goddess Isis, Omyra Lynn, and Diana Dharling. I’ve been working with these girls the past few months at Dragapalooza and I gotta say there is hope for the future-these girls give a great show, and thats not just lyp-service…or lip-synch.

That’s all for now!

See you kids out and about!
Love and lashes,
Brittany Lynn

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