What do you think of Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

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Hey Drag Racers!

What do you think of Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Sashay: Well, at first I wasn’t sure I liked any of them. Fortunately, I remembered half the fun is hating the evil queens and watching them get kicked off. But before we get into that, what do you think of Shangela being allowed to return to the race?

Chante: Well, I always feel bad for the first queen kicked off, so I thought it was nice to see her get a second chance. However, I don’t believe she’s America’s next Drag Superstar.

Sashay: I enjoy her. I think she has Charisma, Uniqueness, and Nerve, but does she have the Talent? A queen is foolish to overlook the fact that a large part of this competition is being a designer and seamstress, which is where Shangela seems to fall short. Moving on, who do you want to go down in flames?

Chante: Well, first of all, I can’t seem to forgive Stacy Layne Matthews for that Space Age spandex jumpsuit. She looked like a silver Jabba the Hut. I think they were right to vote her off.

Sashay: Agreed.

Chante: Secondly, can someone tell Delta Work she better WORK out in the gym. Plus, she’s always hating on people. If she worked her body as much as her mouth, she wouldn’t be a 46 double D. I think this competition becomes unfair when queens are so fat they have real breasts that they didn’t even pay for.

Sashay: Believe me honey child, they’ll pay for it – in open heart surgery.

Chante: Girrrrrl, you right. So, who do you want to Sashay away?

Sashay: Who don’t I? First of all, Alexis – You know how every cheerleading squad has one ugly girl. That’s her, only she doesn’t realize she’s ugly. Her face looks like it was stretched and pulled… when it got ran over by a truck. She’s got a bad case of flat face combined with faggot face. Plus, her lip sync performance against Stacy Layne Matthews was abysmal. She pranced around like a girly Mexican jumping bean.

Chante: That’s the T. She was so concerned with Shangela getting a second chance, yet she applied for the show three times before making it this season.

Sashay: Exactly. Next, why does Raja talk in a man voice?

Chante: She’s Tyra Sanchez 2.0.

Sashay: And finally, can someone tell Yara Sofia to stop wearing those blue colorform eyes? Once was more than enough.

Chante: Well Drag Racers, tell us what you think in the comments section below! Who do you love and who do you love to hate?

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