Ru in Review – Library is Opened

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

The library is open! This week the ladyboys put their comedic skills to work.

Sashay: I love how they began with a fat joke about how there’s so much more room now that Stacy Layne Matthews is gone.

Chante: Girrrl…thank goodness! Now we’re down to the top 6.

Sashay: What did you think of the reading in the beginning of the episode?

Chante: Fat. Who cares? Syphilis. Courtesy of Raja…my personal fave. The readings were WEAK.

Sashay: Agreed. What was with Delta criticizing the other girls for only making fat comments about her and then her whole routine was about her obesity.

Chante: Poor me, pour me… another one! Delta needed to go.

Sashay: Work!

Chante: In other news, I’m loving that there are three Latinas in the top 6! Que viva Puerto Rico!

Sashay: Speaking of Puerto Rico, Yara Sofia brought the funny. Although, why would a 14-inch dick make her cry?

Chante: True that, girl. True that. Totally lost in translation.

Sashay: I enjoyed Shangela’s set. I mean, a pimp that’s her own ho, that’s just good business. Why don’t all hookers do this?

Chante: Miss Laquifa Wadley needs to go as far as I’m concerned.

Sashay: Yeah, she needs to go tell my girls on 12th trying to make a coin they need to cut out the middle man.

Chante: I’m not a Fan-gela.

Sashay: Dang Chante, you don’t want no one to stay. If it were up to you, you’d have them all sashay away.

Chante: Well, except for the Puerto Rican trifecta. And hey girl, where was the pit crew???

Sashay: I know! Worst episode ever!!!

Chante: So goodbye to Delta, and can I get an Amen up in here about Manila staying! What are your predictions for next week Sashay?

Sashay: First of all, no you cannot get an Amen! Secondly, I’m tired of the Heathers. However, I think Alexis may be the next to go. You?

Chante: Didn’t I make myself clear?

Sashay: Anyway, next week we’ll play “Crown, Fuck, Kill.”

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