Ru in Review – Rework The Tired Old Song

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It’s time to lip sync for your life! This week, the ladyboys recorded their own versions of Ru’s new song in different genres, before performing it in front of a live audience.

Sashay: If y’all are not watching Untucked, please know that it is Unbelievable. It’s a mixture of cattiness, couture, and more cattiness. Chante, who would you like to see more of next week?

Chante: Lucian Piane… he was dreamy.

Sashay: Agreed. And the person I would have liked to see less of this week was Michelle Visage. I was appalled and disgusted when she flashed her ta-tas. It was pathetic. Doesn’t she realize none of the gays watching this show were interested in her desperate attempt to be the center of attention? She’s a non-factor.

Chante: I don’t understand that woman… Who is she anyway? Frankly, I miss Merle Ginsburg and her fabulousness.

Sashay: Well, Carmen (a.k.a. Stinkface) was finally eliminated this week. Halleloo.

Chante: And good riddance, I’m tired of her arrogant ass. Speaking of Halleloo, why is Shangela still on the show?

Sashay: Hater. However, she did look sloppy, especially her ragged neckline. Perhaps she just needed a left-handed scissors.

Chante: Moving on, – Manilla.

Sashay: More like Vanilla. I find her boring. She never stands out. Her attempts at wackiness are just plain wack.

Chante: Girl, whachu talkin’ ’bout? Manilla is fierce… although not as fierce as Raja, this week’s winner.

Sashay: I have to admit that Raja’s energy during her performance was exceptional and I enjoyed her look. However, I don’t understand how she can have such a deep voice, but still have a lisp. Maybe because she’s so old. I think Raja is the Taylor Hicks of this competition.

Chante: I take offense to that statement, Taylor Hicks was a talentless fool who hasn’t been heard of since.

Sashay: True. Who do you think will be in the bottom two next week?

Chante: I predict the bottom two will be Yara Sofia and Manilla.

Sashay: Well, both are one trick ponies. Yara with her mangled version of the English language and Manilla with her “go-to” crossed eye look. I’m looking forward to an acting challenge where Ru slaps all these bitches.

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