Ru Review: Hair Raising Experaince

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This week’s challenge involved creating 3 separate looks, including one outfit made entirely out of hair.

Sashay: This was an entertaining challenge. It’s amazing to see the creative genius that these queens possess.

Chante: It’s interesting how the queens are usually trying to remove hair and in this episode they were covering their bodies with it.

Sashay: Except for Raja who used tulle. See, I thought Raja was a tiger, but it turns out he’s more of a cheat-tah. The streets are buzzing about whether or not he should be disqualified for cheating by using tulle to make his “hair” costume. And by streets, I mean 12th and Locust.

Chante: Please bitch, you mean the dark alley behind the bathhouse.

Sashay: Halleloo! In the behind the scenes “Untucked” episode, Shangela and Yara played detective in order to expose Raja as a fraud.

Chante: In other news, our predictions about the bottom two were wrong, with Alexis and Shangela battling to be saved. I thought for sure Shangela would make it to the top three.

Sashay: Girl, how about the surprise announcement that one of the exiled queens would be returning?

Chante: I know! Watch it be Nicole Paige Brooks from Season 2. Ru is throwing all kinds of twists into the mix. I like that she is letting the other judges make the decision about who they would like to see return.

Sashay: I don’t think I want any of the other queens to return. They were kicked off for a reason. Besides, I don’t know if they have anything else to show us after they already did a nude photo shoot.

Chante: Who do you think they will bring back?

Sashay: Probably a big girl because Ru is tired of getting flack for kicking all the big girls off early in the season. So my guess is Delta Work.

Chante: Interesting, you’re going with a Heather?

Sashay: Yes, but I don’t like her. She bombed the comedy challenge and was constantly whining about how awful and fat she was. She had a negative attitude that was not befitting of a true queen.

Chante: It seems unfair to bring a queen back from the beginning of the season. The other queens have worked their foamed asses off in the past umpteen challenges.

Sashay: Agreed.

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