Ru in Review: Jocks in Frocks

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Hey drag racers! This week the ladyboys were hooked up with some manly jocks to transform into their drag sisters.

Sashay: Now this was exactly what the show needed…half naked, hot, straight men!

Chante: Work! Those boys really made this week’s episode even more entertaining. Which was your favorite, Sashay?

Sashay: Can I only pick one?

Chante: Greedy. Well I pick Slava…not just because his name is hot like lava…but because he was a sexy water polo player, and I can get down with water sports.

Sashay: I would make a Matt and Chevy sandwich, with Sashay as the center.

Chante: Sounds yummy to me. But onto other pressing matters…what did you think of Carmen’s triumphant return?

Sashay: Short lived, as it should’ve been. We need to get onto crowning America’s next top drag superstar and she wasn’t it.

Chante: I was so over Carmen’s nakedness like two weeks ago.

Sashay: Who knew Alexis had such a man arm? She dunked Yara in the mini-challenge 14 times. What a beast!

Chante: A beast with a voice like nails on a chalkboard! And you’re right…Yara was in and out of that water more times than you’ve been in and out of the free clinic this past month!

Sashay: Bitch! I only go for the free condoms.

Chante: Speaking of condoms…my favorite safe sex cheer, hands down, went to Manila and Fuschia aka Matt. He was such a hottie, and I’d do him whether in drag or not!

Sashay: Dang Chante, I didn’t know you was all about the ki ki. At any rate, I enjoyed Manila’s one liners like, “Ladies don’t point unless their picking out shoes” and “Not like you’re popping a squat!”

Chante: Agreed…she was hilarious.

Sashay: Enigma please! The judges were pretty funny this week too…except for Michelle Visage who I hate! My favorite part was Sharon Osbourne asking what barebacking is. She made it sound so polite in her English accent. She should’ve asked for a demonstration.

Chante: Oh my! That’s so wrong!

Sashay: But it feels so right.

Chante: Slut. ::News Flash – Sashay and Chante do not condone unsafe sex::

Sashay: You right girl. You right.

Chante: Well there’s only one more episode until we have our top three. Stay tuned drag racers!

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