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Yesterday we went through ten trailers for the films that are going to be screened in the days ahead, and so far, we’re especially excited for the Iranian drama Circumstance and the gory horror-comedy Bite Marks. Today we actually get to see a couple of full features, but first we’re going to go through some more trailers to see what sticks.

11. eCupid – “Things are not always what you expect them to be in this gorgeously-crafted romance from J.C. Calciano (Is It Just Me?)

Has the Trick for a new generation arrived? Judging by the trailer for eCupid, it just may have. Houston Rhines plays Marshall, whose 30th birthday brings frustrations both professional and romantic. Enter eCupid, a dating app that promises a chance of pace for Marshall. And things really do change, as suitor after suitor throws himself in Marshall’s direction. But is it really what he wanted? A wise waitress played by Morgan Fairchild might have some answers.

12. Finding Me: Truth – “A wild ensemble cast highlights Roger Omeus’ romantic drama about a group of love- and sex-obsessed Jersey City friends navigating the treacherous waters of relationships.”

Boyfriend drama. Girlfriend drama. Friend drama. A sweet-faced Ray Martell Moore is at the center of the storm in this story of love lost and found.

13. Finding Mr. Wright – “The screwball comedies of Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant are given a 21st-century queer bent. Last year’s QFest Awardee Matthew Montgomery stars as the beleaguered talent manager to a hard-living TV star.

A “wilderness therapy retreat” sets the scene for love and nookie in this comedy that seems to have been made for phrases like “wacky antics ensue.”

14. Four More Years“A politician’s personal and professional life is thrown into an uproar when he falls in love with another man and a leader of the opposing party.

No English subtitles in this trailer, but a compelling story of an unlikely pairing set against a backdrop of politics emerges loud and and clear. Also it’s nice to see some handsome men in nice suits.

15. Gigola – “In this incredibly sexy, hard-boiled narrative set in the seedy underbelly of 1960s Paris, a mischievous sapphic night-stalking gigolo preys upon rich lovers.”

Vivid colors and impeccable costuming stand out in this heavily stylized French drama. No subtitles in the trailer again, but it looks intriguing as hell. 

16. Go Go Crazy – “A mockumentary about a bunch of male contestants vying for a title and a cash prize at the City of Brotherly Love’s go go boy pageant.”

There’s always a kind of thrill in watching something locally produced, like “Ooh, the Trocadero! I’ve been there!” or “Hey that’s the upstairs dance floor at 24 Pure Voyeur!” Go Go Crazy looks like a liberating fun and sexy romp , and as a bonus the mischievous “Chase T. Cox” is a dead ringer for a male Parker Posey.

17. Going Down in La La Land –Director Casper Andreas brings a probing, sexy, uncensored, scandalous, outrageously funny exposé about the lengths to which an actor will go to not only survive but get ahead in Hollywood.”

Exposé? Is there anyone among us — not including the people in the car insurance commercials who live under rocks and only emerge to see the latest billboard — who doesn’t by now have a pretty decent idea of what lengths an actor will go to in order to get ahead in Hollywood? Familiar territory notwithstanding, comedian Alec Mapa has a role in here somewhere, and we hope there’s much more of him in the full feature than in the trailer. And, if you like your Hollywood stories tawdry, Going Down… is likely to scratch that itch in all the right ways.

18. Gun Hill Road -“In this tremendously poignant film, a Sundance Film Festival hit, Harmony Santana stars as a teenage boy transitioning to a woman at a time when her father returns home from prison.”

Filmmaker Rashaad Ernesto Green speaks in this trailer about his experience making Gun Hill Road, and the inspiration for the story that he found in his own family. If the film is as earnest and committed to its story as its director is, we’re certainly in for something special.

19. Harvest – “Two young farmhands meet and tentatively begin a relationship in this absorbing German drama.

Something like Brokeback Mountain in Germany, with younger guys. But not in a bad way at all! The trailer evokes a quiet, slow romance without spectacle, which could make it a nice counterweight to some of the more showy fare.

20. Hollywood to Dollywood – “Gay twin daredevils go to extraordinary measures to get a copy of their screenplay into the hands of Dolly Parton.”

Well now here are the actual lengths that people will go to, to make it in Hollywood. Two brothers with a big dream for their screenplay (“I’ve read worse,” says Dustin Lance Black, damning it with just the faintest of praise) plot to get their story in the hands of their idol Dolly Parton. Evocative of My Date with Drew in its depiction of good-natured people who work to make their hopes into reality.

… and we’re not even halfway through the trailers. We’ll see if we can’t round up the last bit or highlight the most interesting of the rest, but in the meantime, if you want recommendations from the experts, we recommend checking out the QFest recommendations over at Citypaper. See you at the movies!

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