Do Ask, Please Tell

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

When top brass says “jump” you ask “how high?” When top brass says “shoot” you shoot. When top brass says, “protect your brothers” they never said “just the heteros”, they meant everyone! And no one had a problem, nor should there have ever been a question about your sexuality in the military.

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will end one of the last remaining public discrimination policies towards sexual orientation and will update our military into what I believe an even better functioning unit as a whole than before. What I don’t understand is even after overwhelming evidence of support from all levels of military personnel and a report from the Pentagon finding that the repeal of DADT would not hinder military readiness at all, there are still those out there have either retired from, have family in, or are currently serving in the military that still fear the end of DADT.

Well, let’s deconstruct on what exactly are their fears; a large part would have to be the fear of, let’s say “predatory” homosexuals, who will reduce troop morale by exposing their full gayness to everyone in the platoon thus turning every foxhole ever dug into a homoerotic porn set full of unbridled passion and lust. Oh, like that’s never happened before EVER in the history of the military even before DADT? I for one cannot say that it will or won’t happen once DADT is completely repealed, but can say for sure that the frequency of the boys in uniform having group rifle polishing sessions probably won’t change, and maybe it’ll include more people…maybe.

This argument stems from the fear that everyday common homosexuals act like 16 year old teenage boys hyped on hormones who can’t control themselves. Although this fallacy has been exposed numerous times by multiple studies on human behavior, it’s not about science or sociological studies for the people who oppose the repeal of DADT, it’s more of a prejudice against either gays in general or the exposure of something even remotely feminine into the military. People who believe this don’t always widely disapprove of homosexuality in the public sphere, sometimes they just genuinely don’t want it touching something as manly as the American military. The same thing happened when women were accepted as combat troops with the same fears as I described earlier.

This all falls under the concern of, “if we let gays in the military, it’ll affect our military readiness”. Here is my rebuttal: If you truly believe that our military right now has the power, speed, accuracy, and overall readiness that makes it the greatest military in the world, do you truly believe that letting gays, who by the way are already a part of this amazing defensive machine, be open in the military is going to be the WMD that erases that entire functionality of one of the greatest fighting forces known to the world?” If our military had any serious qualms with letting capable men and women who happen to be gay become a part of the institution that defends our nation, then how could other countries who have no problems with their open military members take us seriously?

Letting gays in the military is the equivalent of a theoretical change in uniform for the Marines. Imagine changing the uniforms for the U.S. Marines to hot pink, fuchsia, and rhinestones. What doesn’t matter is the uniform, what matters is that person is still a Marine inside that hot mess of an outfit. He will still kill you five different ways before you hit the ground, and then brush off their Hello Kitty inspired uniform because you don’t mess with a Marine, and you damn well don’t say anything about their uniform! And if that marine happens to enjoy corn holing a chocolate highway as much as he enjoys protecting our country, I don’t believe any God-fearing, right thinking person would ever tell them they can’t be a part of the military to their face on the street.

So, to say our military can’t handle gay applicants is the equivalent of admitting our military is somehow weak and/or unable to adapt to small changes. How unpatriotic! Sorry, but the entire military, the Pentagon, the overwhelming opinion of the public, and plain old facts just don’t support your bigotry and preconceived notions about gays in the military. So HOOAH! To the end of DADT, and for all those who wish to do harm to America, we’re coming to put missiles up your ass, and it will be neither gentle nor pleasurable in any way, shape, or form.

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