I Say Diva: Drita D’avanzo

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Attitude. Strength. Face. Wisecracks. Fashion. Drama. Reality star Drita D’avanzo has undeniable diva qualities, and she’s a single mother to boot. PGC talked to D’avanzo about her experiences filming the show and included some reader questions as well. School yourself on Drita and the other Mob Wives while you can on Hulu

First off, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us! So how did you end up on Mob Wives?

The show’s creator is a very close friend of mine for about 15 years. She always had plans on doing a show about this lifestyle we live. When reality shows became such a hit she decided to do Mob Wives and approached me with the opportunity

What have you been up to since the show ended? Any plans to return to TV?

I have been busy working on my website, cosmetic line and perfume, which I have been making and wearing for the past 10 years. I’m focusing on business and spending as much time as possible with my daughters! And yes, we are now filming for season two of Mob Wives.

How do you feel about the reality TV experience? Do you feel that your world was accurately represented in the final product?

My reality TV experience was very difficult for me in the beginning because I am a very private person. I had to get used to talking about things I never talk about and cameras always being around. I do feel that my lifestyle and the stress I have encountered because of my lifestyle was captured throughout the show.

One of the things that made you memorable was your sense of humor. After the dinner party fight that broke out at Rene’s you lamented that you didn’t stop things to serve yourself some noodles. Have you always been the one to make your friends laugh?

(Laughs) Yes I am definitely the clown. I am very sarcastic and always, always make a joke out of everything that some people would never even think to joke about. I love to make people laugh! My motto is I rather laugh than cry any day. I always make light of any situation and always make my family and friends laugh. I want them happy.

From what we saw on the show, you’re a loving and devoted mom. You were so honest and open with your daughters with a real no-nonsense approach. Where do you take your parenting cues from?

Thank you! I was lucky enough to be raised by wonderful parents and blessed with so many relatives. Growing up, I paid attention to things that had happened with children that have been lied to, because there parents were either sugarcoating the problems within the home or trying to protect their children from the truth because it might hurt them. I feel that only hurts them and causes more problems. I knew before I even had kids that I would be very honest with them. I want my daughters to be comfortable in knowing they can always be honest with me and we can fix anything if we have each other. I don’t want them ever to feel they have to lie. I’m hoping my kids can learn from my mistakes and take after my no-nonsense personality. I am very honest and open-minded and my daughters are my best friends. No matter what I was going through or no matter what I did, I could always turn to my mom for help. That was the best gift she ever gave me — Unconditional love and in return now my daughters have it too.

Ever been to Philly?

Yes, I did an appearance in Philly and love love loved it. I have to go back for the cheesesteak I ate at one in the morning. (Laughs) But the best part of Philly was my fans. They were amazing! I want to go back.

Have you been contacted by a lot of random fans since the show wrapped? Have any gays declared you a favorite diva?

Yes. I have amazing support from fans. I really can’t believe how lucky I am to have them. I read their comments and tweets and they make me smile. I’m happy. And yes my gay fans are THE BEST! I would describe my gay fans as the most sincere, straight-forward, no-bullshit, good-humored, genuine people! I guess that’s why I relate and love them.

PGC Reader Angel asks: Are you still proceeding with the divorce from your dirtbag, cheating husband?

You will have to tune in for second season of Mob Wives for the answer to that sweet question. The best part is Angel is the name behind that question. (Laughs) Love it! Thanks for being a fan!

PGC Reader Emily asks: Have you and Karen talked? Did watching their tension build and the final fight on TV change the way you view the situation for better or worse?

Just so you know season one aired while we were still filming, which caused a lot of what happened in the season finale. I did not like what I saw or heard. But Karen and I did not speak until we just recently starting filming the second season. I don’t want to give anything up and ruin it for you because everything you want to know will be in season two. Thanks for being a fan!

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