Silk City – Not So Smooth

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

The Hip Couple that live in my building invited me to a very civilized Sunday afternoon of brunch followed by perusing an “Open Studio” of resident artists’ galleries. I was super excited! I love brunch and art! Especially when it’s all located on gritty Spring Garden Street in sunny Philadelphia.

I remember suggesting Sazon for brunch to Mr + Mrs Hip, they countered, “Have you tried Silk City Diner yet?” Ah ha, nicely played, pandering to my ever-present desire to always seek out a new joint for brunch! Off to Silk City!

I must admit, I was worried; I’m not a fan of the 1 hour-long wait for brunch. Would Silk City be so hip that everyone would be there, wanting, needing, waiting…. for their eggs? I put my trust in the brunch gods and threw caution to the wind.

Upon arrival, we were pleased to find …….NO WAIT!! Ominous foreboding or good fortune?

We sat outside, in the glorious sunshine, an unusually warm October Sunday; I opted for the shade as to avoid overheating. The Hip couple jumped right in the sunlight, I’m not saying they’re cold blooded, but they did enjoy basking in the direct sunlight.

Anyway… the food… there was food, and it was overall – pretty average to almost bad.

The Hip couple and I hail from Central PA and when we saw Biscuits ‘n Gravy and Chicken ‘n Waffles on the menu we instantly began to chuckle. We grew up on this and LOVED it!! We had to get it.

HOLY LET DOWN BATMAN! My Mom’s Chicken ‘n Waffles is a thick gravy with shredded chicken, and some veggies poured over waffles. One literally slops up the chicken/gravy stew concoction with chunks of waffle. It is a religious experience in Central PA! These Chicken ‘n Waffles were so stupid! Deep fried chicken thighs ON THE BONE, were sitting on tiny little waffle and then drizzled in a white gravy. There was no way the gravy could have made contact with the waffle – HELLO – that’s the best part! The breading on the fried chicken soaked up the gravy. Then one was forced to cut up the chicken thigh to get the meat off the bone. It was awful!

Then there was the Turkey Sausage Gravy over a biscuit. B L A N D! Someone was afraid to flavor up the Turkey Sausage. I mean Jimmy Dean knows how to add some savory kick to sausage. That adds a salty/savory beauty to the gravy. If the gravy’s just right, a restaurant could serve it on cardboard and patrons would line up around the block. Not so much with this.

The french toast was good, the apples and sweet cheese on top added some nice flavor. It wasn’t very memorable. The huevos rancheros were ok too. Mr Hip liked them. I tried them, as I was chewing them, I kept starring at my muddled chicken bones laying there covered in gravy – angry at what could have been.

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