Happy New Queers!

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

It’s a New Year! And for many, that means resolutions. Whether it’s dropping a few pounds, expanding social horizons, or taking on a new project, the beginning of the calendar year can be a great place to make a new start. Me, I’m resolving to  post something of interest to our community here every (business) day. Hopefully this will go better than the time in 2009 when I resolved to get in six-pack shape and only got as far as downloading a Men’s Health “belly-off” workout from iTunes that I finally tried for the first time last week (It burrrrned!).

Anyway, our friends at Queerty put together a list of America’s favorite out n’proud celebs and their big plans for 2012. Brad Goreski (pictured), who you may know from The Rachel Zoe Project, and who is deceptively beefy underneath those dreadful patterned bow tie get-ups, resolves to “acquire more sparkly shoes,” which isn’t the most inspiring thing, but at least it’s doable. He’s not the first, either. 

Elsewhere on the resolution round-up, reality TV hair guru and Area 51 survivor Tabatha Coffey resolves to make more time for charity, while RENT’s Anthony Rapp has some housework he’d like to get to.

My favorite of the bunch comes from comedian/actor Alec Mapa, who left us howling with laughter after his visit to Philly this past summer. Alec warns that “worry the misuse of imagination” and recommends that we imagine to ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” instead of “What if something awful happens?”

What about your resolutions? Tell us, so that we can shame your poor follow-through congratulate you on your progress come February!

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