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This Friday marks the debut of a new monthly show, hosted by Mxtress of Ceremonies The Notorious O.M.G.  You might be familiar with The Notorious from the Liberty City Kings’ “Vixens and Vagabonds” shows that have been going on for sometime, but now, much like Joey from Friends Bea Arthur from Maude, O.M.G. is spinning off into something totally new.

So what can we expect? “Philly’s Self-proclaimed #1 Drag Hag” Brandon muses, “It’s drag… it’s burlesque… IT’S DRAGLESQUE.” But with a line-up that includes a clown who is also a “Princess of Pain,” as well as a fire manipulator, the show promises at least a few bizarre detours.

The word directly from O.M.G.? “I would say that the first event is intentionally a combination of different talents you don’t usually get to see on one stage, and that’s in line with Tabu’s tagline of ‘We All Belong.’ Having drag, burlesque and circus isn’t something I’ve seen in one space before,” O.M.G. says, adding, “February’s show will feature all live-singing drag queens, which is also not the norm.”

Full Disclosure: I also produce a show at Tabu. Philly’s a small town! Do I play favorites? Absolutely, yes. But being my favorite is as easy as clicking on my email and getting in touch. Producing an event? Promoting a new project? Famous and itching to talk about your personal life? Drop me a line. The blogger is IN.

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