Get Ready for Sandra Bernhard

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Prolific author and performer Sandra Bernhard has been on our radars for years since she got her start at the Comedy Store in the 1970s. She proved her chops in that amazing movie in ’83 and made a memorable Letterman appearance alongside Madonna in ’88. In the 90s, she appeared on television, as out lesbian Nancy Bartlett on “Rosanne” as well as hosting Comedy Central’s “The A-List”. Do you remember her outfits from that show? Before there was a Haus of Gaga, Sandra Bernhard was taking the stage dressed to the elevens, singing the praises of Bob Mackie and making a great big passionate ruckus. She is, as the New York Times has termed her, “a living, breathing bonfire.”

Bernhard brings her searing perspective and formidable singing voice to The Painted Bride for a limited engagement starting on Tuesday 1/10 with her one-woman show, “I love being me, don’t you?” and PhillyGayCalender will be there! So get your tickets while you still can and check back later this week for our official write-up.

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